Outside the walls of Camp Lejeune

Tonight he watched her dance along
into the skies of amber June
a daddies eyes are never wrong
the strings of heart are perfect tuned
he softly whispered “don’t forget me”
the lights were on in every room
the winds were blowing through the hickory
outside the walls of camp

a wise man knows no better wisdom
than the kind he’s never sold
sometimes the lips that used to kiss him
conceal the lies he once was told
and things go on beyond the history
that don’t get written down as soon
like the wells beneath the hickory
outside the walls of Camp Lejeune

a contribution to his country
a glass of water by his bed
the nights of love beneath old glory
six weeks of hell and war ahead
and semper fi is more than soldiers
he watched her die in that empty room
from the wells beneath the hickory
outside the walls of Camp Lejeune ©

On the corner of salvation, two blocks away from raisin’ hell

You know that I’ve looked in on you
since the day that you were born
trouble seems to be about the only name
your mama calls me every morn’
like the rose outside your window pane
she’s the peddles and I’m the thorn
every time I drive away the rain
she gives you shelter from the storm

And it ain’t easy being lonely
to know I gave you a broken home
my little angel whispers softly
praying her daddy’s not alone
in her heart there’s no relation
between the peddles and the smell
and the thorns outside salvation
two blocks away from raisin’ hell

Darlin’ love will find us a better way
I see the weather in your eyes
the storm that’s blowin’ down your fences
ain’t supposed to be what makes you cry
you can see that I’m unshaven
and where I live don’t treat me well
on the corner of salvation
two blocks away from raisin’ hell  ©

All I’ve got are words


I wanna play guitar like Hank tonight
and speak my heart like Waylon sings
Blowin’ wind between the exit signs
of vocal chords and guitar strings

So you could hear my love in every room
that hides in words I’ve written down
A setting sun without guitar strings
Sings lovin’ songs
without a sound

I wanna sing to guitar melodies
you’d hear my love songs
far from home
on every stage from here to Tennessee
through shiny pickups made of chrome

And on the road I’d write in harmony
of spinning wheels and tuned guitars
I’d put some miles between your memories
on a silver eagle with the stars. ©

Rebel angel


Rebel angel fly tonight
on pills & gasoline
lonely motel prisons
roads & bars

taste the lie
believe yourself 
and fly with broken wings 
chase the night
on highways after dark

children pack the empty boxes
mama falls asleep
dogs are barking loud
and daddy’s gone

tears are filling up a child
he never gets to weep
like busted sprinklers
dryin’ up the lawn 

outlaw keep the bible
let it rival all your dreams
love it all your life
and where you roam

tuck it deep inside your heart
don’t cry in faded jeans
don’t die on lonely hiway’s
far from home ©

Lonesome Highway


Something deep inside me
feels that lonesome bitter chill
and I’ll tell you friend
I just ain’t feelin’ right
as those headlights keep a shinin’
this old cowboy keeps on ridin’
down this lost ol’ broken highway
through the night

lonesome highways full of sorrow
desperado full of sin
this ain’t my way but
I know its where I’ve been
will she love me in my sorrow
will I live to see tomorrow

Lord I’m lonely drunk
& broken down again

see my money it’s gone missin’
and my darlin she’s away
singing’ songs I’m feelin’ lonesome
feelin’ dry
getting’ thirsty for that bottle
mixing’ poison with that throttle’s
bound to leave my baby drowned
in tears she cries

lonesome highways full of sorrow
lonely teardrops full of sin
this ain’t my way but
I know its where I’ve been
will I live to see tomorrow

will she love this desperado
Lord I’m lonely drunk
& broken down again

If she see’s me through my sorrow
Lord I know I’ll see tomorrow
but tonight I’m drunk
& broken down again©

I’m runnin’ wild


Bitter sweet
I’m burnin’ down
those memories
just like a child
cutting way and
some may say
I’m runnin’ wild

I’m runnin’ wild from where I’ve been
away from home and all my friends
can’t see myself inside a world without her eyes
I’ll sit and listen to her songs
I’ll drink this bottle til it’s gone
Lord I feel just like a child
I’m runnin’ wild

nights are cold
my fevers hot
can’t get along
with what I got
gone for days
without her smile
I’m runnin’ wild

I’m runnin’ wild from where I’ve been
away from home and all my friends
can’t see myself inside a world without her eyes
I’ll sit and listen to her songs
I’ll drink this bottle til it’s gone
Lord I feel just like a child
I’m runnin’ wild

angels wings
come take me home
without her heart
I’m on my own
I’ll cut away
but you could say
I’m runnin’ wild ©

Don’t wanna be a ramblin’ man


It’s time alone that writes the tale
if I’m just crazy… if I’m well
but I can’t seem to find my way
from livin’ low and raisin’ hell
it’s time I find myself a stage
been dreamin’ of a cowboy band
and feelin’ twice but half my age
made me a ramblin’ man

Kentucky roads and July nights
don’t trouble me at all
and Tennessee she’s gotta voice
I swear I’ve heard her call
I’m far from home
with walls of stone
been fallin’ quick in sinkin’ sand
I’m with my kin but on my own
Lord free this ramblin’ man

I’ll ride the back roads on an eagle
Waylon rode for years
and like ol’ Willie make my way
on blue eyes cryin’ tears
like Jones I’d learn to stay alive
stop agin’ twenty years in five
forgive me Jesus take my hand
I don’t wanna be a ramblin’ man ©

Vacant highways dark of love


You know I’ve melted with a touch
been resurrected from a smile
while lying dead upon your floor
just staying next to you awhile
regarding me I’m in your clutch
apart from stars so far away
I love you darlin’ oh so much
no one will ever take your place

I’m cryin’ for a lovers smile
a taste of walkin’ in her shoes
when my heart is beating red
and my tongue is singin’ blues
I’d never see you walkin’ down
so very far away from me
been forever since a smile
it’s never late to set me free

And I can’t ever see the sun
for love gone wilted in the shade
on these dark highways where I run
or the promises we’ve made
and life keeps flashing’ through the nights
just headlights passing on and on
my lovers crashing somewhere else
tonight I’m lonely cause she’s gone ©

Cryin’ out, dyin’ out and needin’ change


I’ve sipped a thousand cans of beer till morning sunrise
and broke an endless bag of buds up from the stem
I’ve listened to the song of little babies crying
and not been called a dad by any one of them
I’ve packed up every box and suitcase sitting next to me
about a million different times I’ve rearranged
I’ve lost the only love in life I’ve ever wanted
and still it hurts to ask myself why I can’t change

I’ve seen so many people round me falling endlessly
make it by the highways driven with my hands
still a couple hundred miles between what’s best for me
no exit sign back to my home as I had planned
but you can tell by how the head lights shine ahead of me
and by the smell of nothing cooking on the range
that time is spinning and the miles keep burning into me
why in the hell the way I’m living never changed

I think about the things I’ve wanted in a bottle
remembering the life Gods given me to be
I’ve watched the waves come crashing down
as it’s grown hollow

and disappeared across the tears that fill the sea
you think that I get satisfaction from the water
I’ve been adrift and I’ve been drunk and washed away
in every drink without an answer only sorrow
just crying out and dying out and needing change ©

Raindrops don’t concern a drowning man


In the morning when the clouds
are hanging heavy
you’re watching out for me
but still won’t take my hand
you only wait to see the storm
that’s headed for me
but honey raindrops don’t concern
a drowning man

I’ve heard the sirens blowing
in their final warning
upon the lips of every lover that I’ve met
and still my ship keeps swimmin’
down that broken harbor
a river filled with
all the tear drops
soaking wet

So darlin’ don’t you even worry
bout the rescue
and there’s no need to bother
reaching out your hand
the salty tears it’s given me
my swimmin’ don’t concern the sea
and honey raindrops
don’t concern a drowning man ©