On the corner of salvation, two blocks away from raisin’ hell

You know that I’ve looked in on you
since the day that you were born
trouble seems to be about the only name
your mama calls me every morn’
like the rose outside your window pane
she’s the peddles and I’m the thorn
every time I drive away the rain
she gives you shelter from the storm

And it ain’t easy being lonely
to know I gave you a broken home
my little angel whispers softly
praying her daddy’s not alone
in her heart there’s no relation
between the peddles and the smell
and the thorns outside salvation
two blocks away from raisin’ hell

Darlin’ love will find us a better way
I see the weather in your eyes
the storm that’s blowin’ down your fences
ain’t supposed to be what makes you cry
you can see that I’m unshaven
and where I live don’t treat me well
on the corner of salvation
two blocks away from raisin’ hell  ©

Until we take our final breath

Enchantment of togetherness

entangled by remembrance
the consequence of tolerance
sophisticated negligence

presumably forgetfulness
your presence such an elegance
my word takes on an eloquence
when I see you thoughts a blaze

I know your loving competence
bereaved my inner circumstance
to hold within a resistance
achieve your hearts un listlessness

no disrespecting common sense
in spite of all your loveliness
I will bear fruit from nothing less 
your love received noteworthiness

tenaciousness breeds sustenance
although it takes up residence
dividing space inside my chest
pursuing inner happiness

I need not state my grievances
ever since connectedness 
the one who fills my emptiness 
your hand inside my treasure chest

would love to grip you and undress 
to feed our baby from your breast
forever loving you to death
until we take our final breath ©

My love she waits for me

th (2)

A pain inside this world
where I reside won’t let me be
the grass is high the bee’s are biting
from my head to feet
I go to where my mind unwinds
and hide so I can breathe
I know I’ll be just fine tonight
my love she waits for me

a broken piece of glass beside
the road just cut my toes

a raven circling high swooped by
and pecked holes in my clothes
my guitar strings just broke
and now this super star won’t be
I smile in spite I know tonight
my sweetheart waits for me

you’d think I’d fall apart by now
but still I live the dream
and darlin’ I can’t help but smile
from what she does to me
the days soak through my heart
like sunlight brewing tea
the moon awaits the darkest night
my love she waits for me ©