Vacant highways dark of love


You know I’ve melted with a touch
been resurrected from a smile
while lying dead upon your floor
just staying next to you awhile
regarding me I’m in your clutch
apart from stars so far away
I love you darlin’ oh so much
no one will ever take your place

I’m cryin’ for a lovers smile
a taste of walkin’ in her shoes
when my heart is beating red
and my tongue is singin’ blues
I’d never see you walkin’ down
so very far away from me
been forever since a smile
it’s never late to set me free

And I can’t ever see the sun
for love gone wilted in the shade
on these dark highways where I run
or the promises we’ve made
and life keeps flashing’ through the nights
just headlights passing on and on
my lovers crashing somewhere else
tonight I’m lonely cause she’s gone ©

6 thoughts on “Vacant highways dark of love

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    Beautiful writing!

  2. prayingforoneday says:

    Thanks for the follow.
    Please Accept an Award I created

  3. Deborah Wong says:

    ‘You know I’ve melted with a touch
    been resurrected from a smile
    while lying dead upon your floor’

    Well written! I dare to say your writing is better than those published poets! Yeah, shoot me but it’s true! My accolades to you!

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