She’s throwing stones


In the southern comfort
found around the summer
you came from down a lonely road
without a name
your eyes they shined a blue
that made me wonder what you knew
about the places
broken hearts go in the rain

But now tonight I’m feelin’ like
that southern comfort
and as your eyes
I’m feelin’ blue
cause I’m alone
what did I do to turn
your precious heart against me?
I wonder why you never shy
from throwin’ stones

Did I leave you
in the clouds of feelin’ lonely?
I never seen us walkin’
down this kinda road
but on the ground
below your feet
I see the gravel…
those kinda rocks
are gonna hurt me
when they’re thrown

Now darlin perfect ain’t the name
my mama gave me
and when you picked me up
you found a rollin’ stone
but if you lose me
in the gravel
don’t forget me…
my heart of glass
don’t stand a chance
with throwin’ stones ©


Angels falling in the rain


the night is dark and lonely here
she walks away in those pretty shoes
her feet hold up my everything
grace I could never lose…
her eyes before my own reflected
such a day of pretty pain
but the world could end
when I least expect it
if I lost her in the rain

A ship could sink on bars of sand
with halo’s over sea and land
the nightingales don’t understand
and never sing the same…
but she ain’t about fragility
my melodic princess feeds the flame
even angels shining brilliantly
fall down in pouring rain

the couple of years I’ve got her on
don’t make me brighter
right or wrong
she knows the words to every song
I’m playing in my mind…
there’s only one she doesn’t know
my hearts the beat
the words her name
a song to keep my angel safe
from fallin’ in the rain ©


A cowboy writes his songs for you


It’s in the nights I know the tears
come swimming down you’re feeling blue
I find the time when I’m alone
to write some lovin’ words for you

I know she tipped her hat and smiled
while runnin’ wild she made you blue
but don’t you cry my little cow girl
a cowboy writes his songs for you

remember each and every time
she crossed a line to bring you down
that you’ll be fine this hand of mine
will add a line to lift your frown

and darlin’ I would rather die
then see you cry my baby blue
all she had was hurtful words
a cowboy writes his songs for you

it makes ya’ sad and gets ya’ down
and honey it’s so wrong to do
but don’t forget my every line
will stop the cryin’ she brings ya to

it makes ya’ mad and keeps ya’ strong
but don’t belong in love that’s true
cause honey she’s got hurtful words
a cowboy writes his songs for you ©

All Love Leads Home


She stays north of Kentucky
always south of my skin
where she sleeps like an angel
under stars that pretend
like they don’t have a reason
and they wouldn’t be mine
if I’m holding her hand
with that look in her eyes
she doesn’t just see me
in a shade that she shows
she’s bout ninety degrees
even with my eyes closed
and it’s making me warmer
she’s my comfort within
her loves drivin’ me home
when three sheets hit the wind
and I couldn’t forget her
she’s the road that leads home
it’s her lovin’ in me
makin’ me not alone
its the eyes like her mama
and a walk like a child
in her smile I found reason
to just stay here awhile ©

i just can’t help it

I can’t help that I say funny things
it just heals me more than cryin’
and those country songs I love to sing
feel better to me than dyin’

Can’t help that I can’t help myself
walkin’ like I’m trying to run
forgetting my boots and untying my roots
spinnin’ clocks with no socks in the sun

I still know where I came from
and these cuts on my toes
they remind me of highways
of kin that I’ve known
and chances of blood stain
only ruins my socks
what’s the meaning of making me
so cut from the rocks?

But if you ever come this part of town
or past the mail box it’s ok
to spin a match stick from your gown
then twirl around to light my day
I need to feel you taste my own
tomorrows smiles from where you’ve been
a touch perfected bone to bone
the breath of walkin’ skin on skin

But for now I can’t help it
and don’t really regret it
maybe some day we meet
and you can’t help but smile
I can’t help who life made me
or forget the artist that gave me
His canvass of mile after mile ©

I ain’t long for this old world

I ain’t long for this old world
I’m done tasting my own tears
a desperado can’t chase love

with life in prison facing years
 if you see me walk alone
outside those bars I’m hidin’ in
an empty house replaced my home
a women’s heart replaced by sin

and I ain’t long for this old world
because its left me lost my dear
without a way to carry on 
love that’s never disappeared
cause there ain’t nothing goin’ right
without her love I’m livin’ wrong
and I don’t even need the lights
to see I’m not where I belong     

I ain’t long for this old world
I’ve longed to lay beside her here
without a bottle by the bed
without becoming my worst fear
my buddies tell me to be strong
but I’ve been running like a deer
from words I’ve written in a song…
without her love it won’t be long ©

Who’s gonna fill your shoes ? In loving memory of George Jones

I almost stopped my truck today
emotion started showin’
tween mandarin groves 

and country roads that
knew where I was goin’
I drove down to the riverside

just to see the water flowin’
and took a ride to my garden
afraid to find it wasn’t growin’  

The voice that sang those lovin’ songs
that got me on my feet again
helped my heart to carry on
through darker times of lovers sin
the only one who understood
the greatest cure for broken love
in Beulah land he’s singin’ songs
to comfort cowboys up above

Today he shook his daddies hand
and gave a kiss to his dear mother
imagine all the country greats
takin’ stages with each other

a sold out tour for lonely hearts
departed from the one back home
even the
 angels cry bein’ kept apart
from the love they called their own

Every morning with a bamboo cane
a deck of cards and a jug of muscadine
on the bayou watching a 
bobber dance
he’s no longer doin’ time

He taught me how to dream
and stay the way I am
while he got stoned on a women’s love
I tip my hat to the man
smiling down on us
his window up above

Rest in peace Mr. Jones ©

You save my life







I didn’t need a song today
bout money or a car
I went without
computer beats
and midi track guitars

When I was lonesome in the night
I held your records in my hand
a country tune that kept me warm
I hope my heroes understand

You saved my life today

In a moment when I had nothing left to save
I just wanted to thank you
for the healing that you gave

And it may not even see the charts
or all the money killing hopeful dreams
but a tune from Jamey Johnson’s heart
was all that brought me down the stream

I just needed to thank you. ©

She’s some kinda Pony


We rode away at dawn today
I held her mane of amber strands
my fingers gripped like hour glasses
that grasp at grains of sand
and even as I let her go
a sunrise glow had left me blind
to find a reign or lasso
and rope the wind that wasn’t mine

She’s a beautiful mare
she’s some kind of pony
with the wind in her hair
and a back that can hold me
any night she’s not there
another night finds me lonely
living some kind of prayer

but she’s some kind of pony

She’s the best of me
the only part that
isn’t tryin’ to kill me
she’s a gallop in my heart
changing what we never will be
every time it rains
until it dries
she wipes her memory from my eyes
graceful canter in the sand
a love that slipped my gripping hands

She’s a beautiful mare
she’s some kind of pony
with the wind in her hair
and a back that can hold me
running circles out there
starry nights when I’m lonely
I send my love out a prayer
cause she’s some kind of pony ©

I played him “on the road again”

A broken down train
sitting still cross the track
between my home
and the places I’ve been
and my mind rambles back
to a place that it goes
Grandpa played Willie nelson
and we traveled the roads

On the way through Kentucky
he had me listen to Waylon
and Hank Jr. was singin’
about a few rowdy friends
but not a tune I recall
can bring back miles that we ran
half as good as
Ol’ Willie singin
“On the road again”

As we drove up the roads
between words and our home
I rode with grandpa and Jones
and his friends
but nothing brings back the memories
all the hills and the bends
 my hero beside me
singin’ “on the road again”

It’s been so many miles
since I sat next to grandpa
and I watched
the good Lord take his hand
but I’ll never forget the last song with my hero
we could hear Willie Nelson
singin“on the road again” ©