Outside the walls of Camp Lejeune

Tonight he watched her dance along
into the skies of amber June
a daddies eyes are never wrong
the strings of heart are perfect tuned
he softly whispered “don’t forget me”
the lights were on in every room
the winds were blowing through the hickory
outside the walls of camp

a wise man knows no better wisdom
than the kind he’s never sold
sometimes the lips that used to kiss him
conceal the lies he once was told
and things go on beyond the history
that don’t get written down as soon
like the wells beneath the hickory
outside the walls of Camp Lejeune

a contribution to his country
a glass of water by his bed
the nights of love beneath old glory
six weeks of hell and war ahead
and semper fi is more than soldiers
he watched her die in that empty room
from the wells beneath the hickory
outside the walls of Camp Lejeune ©

2 thoughts on “Outside the walls of Camp Lejeune

  1. kfrego says:

    As an old jarhead who was stationed at Camp Lejeune as an eighteen year old “Outside The Walls Of Camp Lejeune” really hits home. I hold my breathe every time I get a physical for fear of those wells. Really respect what you do. Thanks for the follow of “My Great Adventures…A Journal”.

    • God bless you sir. My grand dad was stationed there in the late 1950’s. I have something on here called “I played him on the road again”, it’s about him and I together as he passed from esophagus cancer in a room right in front of me… he was much too young to go and then I see little children, some like Janey Ensminger 9 yrs old… I’m just grateful to God for the time we had… I pray for your health and I salute you for your service to our country. Thank you for your work on here as well!

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