For the ones holdin’ on


It’s bound to get better
for the ones holdin’ on
but I’ll never forget
all the ones dead and gone
on the road with a letter
folded up in my jeans
tellin’ me it gets better
on the roads yet to be

and it’s bound to get better
there’s a God up above
askin’ me when’s the time
I’ll start showin’ more love
on the road with a letter
tellin’ me to remember
that its bound to get better
for the ones holdin’ on

and it’s bound to get better
for the ones holdin’ on
to the folded up letters
with the words of a song
and our voices together
we can sing it forever
and it’s bound to get better
for the ones holdin’ on©

No eyes to the man


The street lights are shattered
and the lights don’t turn on
and the sun never comes
to the earth at the dawn
where the sisters and brothers
walk along hand in hand
in the dark of the shadows
and no eyes to the man

It’s a place just as empty
of the hate and the scorn
as the Kentucky coal mines
without any plans
you can sing welcome home
to every baby that’s born
with no black and no white
and no blood on their hands

And no daddies or mommies
to give what they got
and all brothers and sisters
can walk hand in hand
without all the colors
that daddy was taught
at the school in the fear
of the Panthers and the Klan

It’s a world where the brothers
help the sisters feel strong 

where the sun never comes
through the windows at dawn

where the street lights are shattered
and the eyes never see
all the kids can hold hands
as they walk down the streets

This warm and pretty day


Well I’m out here
I could tell you
bout a thousand from my home
I could tell you I’ve been troubled
and I’m out here on my own
where the miles keep
the bottles empty
and the worry washed away
but the truth is
what’s the use when
I’m lookin’ out on
a pretty day

and the money
ain’t what it used to
be and many
are feelin’ down
and our dreams are
down the tubes while
there isn’t anyone around
I could tell you
bout the nights
without the lights
just lie awake
but the truth is
what’s the use when
the Lord has made us
a pretty day

I’ll pretend I’m goin’ fishin’
instead of wishin’ I was gone
and my friends you’re always welcome
to pack a bag and come along
we could talk about
the good times
set beside me
wash away
with a cold one
in the sunshine
of this warm and pretty day ©

How does it feel?

th (3)

It’s about 7:30
and the sun ain’t come down
and my clothes are too dirty
to be runnin’ around
heard a song on the radio
with all but my name
bout somebody who’s livin’
his life just the same

Now my tank is on empty
my hearts full of sin
and the rate that they pay
hardly covers my gin
askin’ question’s with answers
you can find in the eyes
of the man in my mirror
that I can’t recognize

And I’m out on my own
with no place to call mine
and directions back home
Lord I can’t seem to find
and that tune playin’ loud
cuts me down to the bone
askin’ “how does it feel
to be completely unknown?”

Cause I hear my old radio
keep playin’ that song
asking “how does it feel
to be scrapin’ along?”
On my own with no face
in this unfriendly scene
like a stone that keeps rollin’
now I know what you mean ©




maybe I skip rocks 
in my mind
maybe when I’m close
but far behind
lookin at your face
like lovers should
maybe I’ll be fine
but I’m no good

          …maybe not

maybe we build bridges
from afar
maybe we’ve forgotten
what we are
maybe we see lines 
on golden sands
maybe we hold love
by different hands

         ….maybe not

maybe we will never
start to cry
maybe we have secret
perfect eyes
maybe we know nothing  
as we should
baby I’ll be fine
but I’m not good

           …maybe not  ©

Tomorrows child


I’m a man of stone
in a world of bad

tasted smiles so sweet
wasted good I’ve had

Lord I’m feeling old
help me walk the miles

help me pave the road I know
must raise tomorrows child

I was just a boy
learning how to fly

only yesterday
my cowboy ways could never die

now I’m letting go
help me walk the miles

to replace the seeds I’ve sewn
and raise tomorrows child

Lord I’ve thrown the rocks
and I’ve stole the signs

in this great big world
I’ve spent my days just doin’ time

but before I go
help me right the wrong

help me fix the holes I know
I’ve made that don’t belong

It’s a sin upon
such a weary mind

many different roads
I’ve lost my way and left em’ blind

but before I go
let me leave a smile

help me pave the road I know
must save tomorrows child

Lord I know the seeds I’ve sewn
must raise tomorrows child  ©

Lonesome Highway


Something deep inside me
feels that lonesome bitter chill
and I’ll tell you friend
I just ain’t feelin’ right
as those headlights keep a shinin’
this old cowboy keeps on ridin’
down this lost ol’ broken highway
through the night

lonesome highways full of sorrow
desperado full of sin
this ain’t my way but
I know its where I’ve been
will she love me in my sorrow
will I live to see tomorrow

Lord I’m lonely drunk
& broken down again

see my money it’s gone missin’
and my darlin she’s away
singing’ songs I’m feelin’ lonesome
feelin’ dry
getting’ thirsty for that bottle
mixing’ poison with that throttle’s
bound to leave my baby drowned
in tears she cries

lonesome highways full of sorrow
lonely teardrops full of sin
this ain’t my way but
I know its where I’ve been
will I live to see tomorrow

will she love this desperado
Lord I’m lonely drunk
& broken down again

If she see’s me through my sorrow
Lord I know I’ll see tomorrow
but tonight I’m drunk
& broken down again©

I’ll be calling her name


I will write my words this morning, kiss the burning flame
walk to where it’s silent, and call my lovers name
no I won’t take one footstep, until that breeze blows high
oh I will be her sunset, and she won’t leave my mind

So if you hear me cryin’ , I’m just calling her name
and if you see me dyin’, I’ll be calling her name
I’ll be calling her name….

I will write my heart out, till it bleeds across this page
oh I’ll keep finding sunset, until she comes along
will she reach the doorstep, like a moth to burning flame
inside the shadows I’ll smile, will she hear me call her name….

So if you come and hear me cryin’, I’ll be calling her name
when my words run like a lost child, I’m just calling her name
will the flame begin to die down, calling her name
I will reach that final sundown calling her name
I’ll be calling her name…. ©

I can barely hear his cry

guitar barelycry

Hear that lonely guitar tune
it sounds so low tonight
that music man he sings so low
I can barely hear his cry

I’ve never known a sadder sound
than the one I hear tonight
like moon light on a newborn wound
in a child too young to cry

have you ever seen an empty room
where love forgets to shine
that guitar man is leaving soon
I can hear him say goodbye

the gentle weeping lonesome gloom
cuts through a moonlit night
and as he plays his final tune
I can barely hear his cry ©