Rebel angel


Rebel angel fly tonight
on pills & gasoline
lonely motel prisons
roads & bars

taste the lie
believe yourself 
and fly with broken wings 
chase the night
on highways after dark

children pack the empty boxes
mama falls asleep
dogs are barking loud
and daddy’s gone

tears are filling up a child
he never gets to weep
like busted sprinklers
dryin’ up the lawn 

outlaw keep the bible
let it rival all your dreams
love it all your life
and where you roam

tuck it deep inside your heart
don’t cry in faded jeans
don’t die on lonely hiway’s
far from home ©

A cowboy writes his songs for you


It’s in the nights I know the tears
come swimming down you’re feeling blue
I find the time when I’m alone
to write some lovin’ words for you

I know she tipped her hat and smiled
while runnin’ wild she made you blue
but don’t you cry my little cow girl
a cowboy writes his songs for you

remember each and every time
she crossed a line to bring you down
that you’ll be fine this hand of mine
will add a line to lift your frown

and darlin’ I would rather die
then see you cry my baby blue
all she had was hurtful words
a cowboy writes his songs for you

it makes ya’ sad and gets ya’ down
and honey it’s so wrong to do
but don’t forget my every line
will stop the cryin’ she brings ya to

it makes ya’ mad and keeps ya’ strong
but don’t belong in love that’s true
cause honey she’s got hurtful words
a cowboy writes his songs for you ©