My love she waits for me

th (2)

A pain inside this world
where I reside won’t let me be
the grass is high the bee’s are biting
from my head to feet
I go to where my mind unwinds
and hide so I can breathe
I know I’ll be just fine tonight
my love she waits for me

a broken piece of glass beside
the road just cut my toes

a raven circling high swooped by
and pecked holes in my clothes
my guitar strings just broke
and now this super star won’t be
I smile in spite I know tonight
my sweetheart waits for me

you’d think I’d fall apart by now
but still I live the dream
and darlin’ I can’t help but smile
from what she does to me
the days soak through my heart
like sunlight brewing tea
the moon awaits the darkest night
my love she waits for me ©