Until we take our final breath

Enchantment of togetherness

entangled by remembrance
the consequence of tolerance
sophisticated negligence

presumably forgetfulness
your presence such an elegance
my word takes on an eloquence
when I see you thoughts a blaze

I know your loving competence
bereaved my inner circumstance
to hold within a resistance
achieve your hearts un listlessness

no disrespecting common sense
in spite of all your loveliness
I will bear fruit from nothing less 
your love received noteworthiness

tenaciousness breeds sustenance
although it takes up residence
dividing space inside my chest
pursuing inner happiness

I need not state my grievances
ever since connectedness 
the one who fills my emptiness 
your hand inside my treasure chest

would love to grip you and undress 
to feed our baby from your breast
forever loving you to death
until we take our final breath ©

Economy delay

I Spit venom on the denim   keep pretending your my hero, The compliments don’t pay the rent, are you content with giving zeros? Pursuant of  improving love, remove the glove entitled boo… please touch my hand , it  feels like you. the shit you do gratuity… withheld deserved is gluttony. Bunion feet like big Paul’s hatchet… to money tree reverses ratchets, a wrench just blew to smithereens like dynamite to all  I’ve seen, can I redeem myself  been tragic, proximity nearby fantastic? Ecclesiastic dim the lights, inebriated by the right, to say goodnight without a care, sun shining bright and your still there. And man I swear I know I’m wrong, just searching for a hand belong or make a song a little duo, find women child to be my hero’s. hysterically I see my notes, mathematically the anticdote. I sewed my seeds, survival boost the man in me from in my youth. I’m living proof to those that care i look for numbers that just aren’t there. I love the joyful ways of life, reflection of a good mans life. I feel I sin, if not to win; but stay away from where I’ve been, don’t want to be another number, find misery from money hunger. I know i get what others need, if not please help provide my weed, I will concede, I know its fine, between my need greed walks the line. ASB2k11