Intentional doves


If I could satisfy
the rivers flow
I’d give the life
my lover dreams

if in my hands
her sun would rise
my smile would be
just what it seems

through faded signals
Crossing roads
the miles just telling
lies at sea

My love will always
call her home
her smiles and tears
mean everything ©

Dear Jesus I love her


Dear Jesus Forgive me
I feel lost and alone
I’ve brought tears to my woman
I’ve abandoned my home

she’s the light in my darkness
I’m the pain in her night
she’s the hand I hold onto
guide me to be her light

I could never go on Lord
She’s my reason to live
she’s the one I will fight for
everything I will give

just to hold her up high Lord
I will die by her side
please protect her and love her
in Your word I’ll abide ©

by holding his hand


an innocence maybe
her fingertips curl
his hand like a baby
she takes on the world

her soft pretty make up
she believes
love commands

stands behind pretty seen
when she’s holding his hand

he can see someone missing
feel forgotten and sad
he can need her to feed him
face to face with his dad

she’s got eyes to her thigh’s
made to call any man
but to me she’s made golden
by holding his hand  ©


Dali diri kag mangin asawa nakon




Baby I’ve been lookin
at you thinkin’ how I’d be
without that perfect sweet smile

burning one direction
I can see my loves reflection
beaming in our first child

love you know I got you
hit me everyday I want to
be the rest of your life

take my hand I want you
love me any way you want to
Rv come be my wife ©

Because you love your man


When I think about
the reasons
for my mind
running circles
chasing memories 
it hurts to find

girl to me
you’re memory
it’s in the wind
blowing back mistakes
I’m running races
I can’t win

in the moment love
completely let me go
far from you
it cuts me
like the scars
you hide I know

never me to be
who seems to
see you’re sad
how bad it hurts
sometimes inside
because you love
your man ©


I’ll be calling her name


I will write my words this morning, kiss the burning flame
walk to where it’s silent, and call my lovers name
no I won’t take one footstep, until that breeze blows high
oh I will be her sunset, and she won’t leave my mind

So if you hear me cryin’ , I’m just calling her name
and if you see me dyin’, I’ll be calling her name
I’ll be calling her name….

I will write my heart out, till it bleeds across this page
oh I’ll keep finding sunset, until she comes along
will she reach the doorstep, like a moth to burning flame
inside the shadows I’ll smile, will she hear me call her name….

So if you come and hear me cryin’, I’ll be calling her name
when my words run like a lost child, I’m just calling her name
will the flame begin to die down, calling her name
I will reach that final sundown calling her name
I’ll be calling her name…. ©