How does it feel?

th (3)

It’s about 7:30
and the sun ain’t come down
and my clothes are too dirty
to be runnin’ around
heard a song on the radio
with all but my name
bout somebody who’s livin’
his life just the same

Now my tank is on empty
my hearts full of sin
and the rate that they pay
hardly covers my gin
askin’ question’s with answers
you can find in the eyes
of the man in my mirror
that I can’t recognize

And I’m out on my own
with no place to call mine
and directions back home
Lord I can’t seem to find
and that tune playin’ loud
cuts me down to the bone
askin’ “how does it feel
to be completely unknown?”

Cause I hear my old radio
keep playin’ that song
asking “how does it feel
to be scrapin’ along?”
On my own with no face
in this unfriendly scene
like a stone that keeps rollin’
now I know what you mean ©


I’ll be calling her name


I will write my words this morning, kiss the burning flame
walk to where it’s silent, and call my lovers name
no I won’t take one footstep, until that breeze blows high
oh I will be her sunset, and she won’t leave my mind

So if you hear me cryin’ , I’m just calling her name
and if you see me dyin’, I’ll be calling her name
I’ll be calling her name….

I will write my heart out, till it bleeds across this page
oh I’ll keep finding sunset, until she comes along
will she reach the doorstep, like a moth to burning flame
inside the shadows I’ll smile, will she hear me call her name….

So if you come and hear me cryin’, I’ll be calling her name
when my words run like a lost child, I’m just calling her name
will the flame begin to die down, calling her name
I will reach that final sundown calling her name
I’ll be calling her name…. ©

It lets you go

Now, here you go again
talkin’ of your dreamin’
afraid you missed the beating
from your heart…
beside you sleeping memories of
the things that seem to leave you
like a runway
vanished in the dark…

the night remembers dreams can get
forgotten by the meaning…
in the one who loves you when you’re gone…
the crystal ball finds you without
“sometimes there’s a reason”
and dreams won’t always find you

where you run…

they let you walk
and let you go…

dreams can only find you when you’re dreamin’
love will only leave you when you run…
when the night gets cold
young hearts are freezing

only make believing you’re alone
but, you’re alone…
when you’re alone…

lonely nights come only from the feeling
a well with only wishes
is in your soul…

when your love runs cold
you stop believing

a runway never finds you
if you let go…

and if you walk…
it lets you go…
and if you run…
it lets you go…

dreams can only find you when you’re dreamin’
love will only leave
when you let it go…

the nights may find you cold
two hearts are beating
only make believing you’re alone
but, you’re alone…
when you’re alone…©