Unconditional Love

Wish it were real without those restrictions
ulterior and superior motives
no vote of confidence from my confidants
deliver me oh dear envisioned
bring its taste into blossom and bloom
cause its untrue in an empty room
that love exists without condition

That I’ve got problems no one can solve
I get enthused fruition
to have my fruit abused
been at stages
been in a book sometimes
parts where I Just couldn’t turn pages
I cannot deal with a sadness
like a negative angel

It’s annoyance asking conditional acknowledgment
that I’m buoyant
See that I love you
I don’t enjoy it

but its bull shit
Its just a sad movie
like t.v cause you & me
supposed to be nutrition
couple thorns but still a rose

In my garden where my heart is
it may become an empty tormented prison
dormant I will never be
my love for you lives a love with no condition ©

Daddy Sad, son shine mad

I’m burdened
hurting from deep under my skin
like the furnace dwelling 3826
keep yelling’ shit  four fu*#ing floors
my skin & conscience cannot black out
a burning inside walls
where Michael blew his brains out
where you despite ironic lotto winnings
from the words
words of a phonographs broken
removes skin for unspoken within
where I went and what you’ve been
although I flirt with what’s burning me up
I’ve grown up watching the tenors
prepare for the band
drug ridden gun spit in the son that you have
from beginning  spinning clocks
oiled glocks from grand daddy
still know that I glow
I know joy cause you have me
expect just neglect that I’ll hang up and grin
just lying alone a child grown from its sin
Violin starts to Rosin
the climax I know
remember in darkness
necessitation shadowed your show
every scar that we carry a tear is your token
thermostat  in the home
like our home that is broken
smiling kids turn sad bids
streets that did seem to listen
it burdens to hurt a good person
in patriarchal  contrition
whom takes sorrow WITH me
cause of you I’m devoid of loves healing nutrition
because of you its a sin
fu#@ing hurts to lash out
in pity’s revenge
pushing beautiful friends out
Did you know or take notice
that I’m not all that strong
violin made immune
just consumed with that song
what we lose from this pity
just forced to be strong
amiss the position
a place to belong

I love you.- A ©