It lets you go

Now, here you go again
talkin’ of your dreamin’
afraid you missed the beating
from your heart…
beside you sleeping memories of
the things that seem to leave you
like a runway
vanished in the dark…

the night remembers dreams can get
forgotten by the meaning…
in the one who loves you when you’re gone…
the crystal ball finds you without
“sometimes there’s a reason”
and dreams won’t always find you

where you run…

they let you walk
and let you go…

dreams can only find you when you’re dreamin’
love will only leave you when you run…
when the night gets cold
young hearts are freezing

only make believing you’re alone
but, you’re alone…
when you’re alone…

lonely nights come only from the feeling
a well with only wishes
is in your soul…

when your love runs cold
you stop believing

a runway never finds you
if you let go…

and if you walk…
it lets you go…
and if you run…
it lets you go…

dreams can only find you when you’re dreamin’
love will only leave
when you let it go…

the nights may find you cold
two hearts are beating
only make believing you’re alone
but, you’re alone…
when you’re alone…©


A baby in her blue jeans and a lady in her shoes

Tightrope still 2

She walked the roads like dancers
on the ropes of Mr. Kite
but I can’t hope to see her dancin’ anymore
the sun reveals the living things
not all the reasons why
she didn’t want to keep on dancin’ anymore

I listen to the radio
playing Elton John for me
with his voice I see her
dancing in the sand
she’s talking in her sleep
but every secret that she keeps
won’t put her back inside
the promise of my hand

But I can’t see her anymore
not out there dancing in the street
I see her heart and light inside
the eyes of lonely girls I meet

the voice that’s on the radio
sings a song that helps the bruise
of a baby in her blue jeans
and a lady in her shoes

Cause I can’t hear her anymore
she doesn’t call from down the street
and I’ll never see her dancing on
that rope below her feet
without a chance to feel the sun
she never has to lose
she’s a baby in her blue jeans
and a lady in her shoes ©

A broken clocks right twice a day


There she goes just like the wind
God only knows her destiny
she’s gonna meet her right from wrong
anywhere but next to me
disagreements in the words we spoke
bout time there’s nothing left to say
twenty after four & time to smoke
a broken clocks right twice a day

She tells her mama no regrets
and mom don’t ask her why?
she lights another cigarette
and let’s her ashes fly
but, one thing that I won’t forget
the day my baby fled
she checked the time on that old clock
four twenty’s what she read

Now she can chase the Marlboro man
I’ll hold some healing in my hand
my baby doll don’t understand
we make the times and law…
the man is just a battery
that dies with time and many lies
but me, I set my own my dear

4:20 …recognize ©

Raindrops don’t concern a drowning man


In the morning when the clouds
are hanging heavy
you’re watching out for me
but still won’t take my hand
you only wait to see the storm
that’s headed for me
but honey raindrops don’t concern
a drowning man

I’ve heard the sirens blowing
in their final warning
upon the lips of every lover that I’ve met
and still my ship keeps swimmin’
down that broken harbor
a river filled with
all the tear drops
soaking wet

So darlin’ don’t you even worry
bout the rescue
and there’s no need to bother
reaching out your hand
the salty tears it’s given me
my swimmin’ don’t concern the sea
and honey raindrops
don’t concern a drowning man ©

Outside the walls of Camp Lejeune

Tonight he watched her dance along
into the skies of amber June
a daddies eyes are never wrong
the strings of heart are perfect tuned
he softly whispered “don’t forget me”
the lights were on in every room
the winds were blowing through the hickory
outside the walls of camp

a wise man knows no better wisdom
than the kind he’s never sold
sometimes the lips that used to kiss him
conceal the lies he once was told
and things go on beyond the history
that don’t get written down as soon
like the wells beneath the hickory
outside the walls of Camp Lejeune

a contribution to his country
a glass of water by his bed
the nights of love beneath old glory
six weeks of hell and war ahead
and semper fi is more than soldiers
he watched her die in that empty room
from the wells beneath the hickory
outside the walls of Camp Lejeune ©

I’ll think about you now & then

a dark rainy day

There’s a place forgotten rain remembers falling
beyond a tree line hushing 
whispers in the wind
a seldom breeze defies the time and echo’s yesterday
along with nights a summer rainfall hits the tin
not forgetting as it goes you walked away from here
a troubled wind that changed direction down the bend
I lye awake to watch the rain fall soak the trees
on night’s like these I’ll think about you now and then

We never passed a stormy night by writing letters
and hands of time like yours and mine we never hold
the threads that sew the déjà vu we know together
unstitched by seams of time that leave us growing old
you just can’t wind the hands of time in perfect weather
like on those nights a summer rain fall hits the tin
that’s when I’ll wonder where you went and how you been
on nights like these I’ll think about you now and then ©

All I’ve got are words


I wanna play guitar like Hank tonight
and speak my heart like Waylon sings
Blowin’ wind between the exit signs
of vocal chords and guitar strings

So you could hear my love in every room
that hides in words I’ve written down
A setting sun without guitar strings
Sings lovin’ songs
without a sound

I wanna sing to guitar melodies
you’d hear my love songs
far from home
on every stage from here to Tennessee
through shiny pickups made of chrome

And on the road I’d write in harmony
of spinning wheels and tuned guitars
I’d put some miles between your memories
on a silver eagle with the stars. ©