King of sorrows pitiful retro

Easy come, easy go it’s said
but could sayer have known
was he grown crying silent
did he feel all alone?
Did he resort to much violence
where his heart called a home?
Was he asked, did he pay
through charity or have not
find his blessings in sorrow
from the love in his heart?

Did he only belong to the reason
he’s longing for love
perform hand surgery
just to fit the wrong glove?
Did he abscond from charges
those criminal tears
assumed years of presumption
malfunctioning tear ducts
heavy in his head
wasn’t known cause he’s fed tears
he didn’t remember crying?

Baby His “easy come easy go”
sounds so damn pleasing in prose
did he write that for money
or for reasons
HE chose?
Did the rain on his tree
cause seeds to be sewn
throwing havoc on kids
feeling sad and 
Purple rain drowning prince
could he truly have known?

Did he grow up convinced
to have reign to what’s reaped?
Was it love that decided tears rocked him to sleep
easily from the pain
did he consider tomorrow
did he feel just like me
anger that caused
nerve ends to pretend to forget who he was?
Deficits dignity humility in deposits
from having to borrow
Did he receive bills from the pain ?
Was he audited by the person  who caused it
that gave him his name? ©

LOVE vs. fear in reality of this world

The World…
A man trying to help a stranded motorist, a lady. He parks his car, gets the flashlight & tool box from the trunk… closes its lid…and she turns into a set of gun yielding criminals.
Take that call…about your 21 year old son, who lived with the love that YOU “brainwashed” him into applying to life ….being the gentleman he was proud to mimic in his dad… the guilt thinking my son died because he was doing a job, a job that I trained him to do. Forgetting to remind him, theres a lot of fu**ed up people in this world.
A year later we see another man…
He passes by a stranded motorist at night on a dark and desolate road.  He is happy to have the wisdom learned. He is smart enough to pass her by… remembering Tim’s son and the lesson it teaches. We should FEAR this helpless old women. He “coincidentally” gets home faster, saved time & didn’t have to give his effort, or lift a finger… Didn’t have to give… a drop of LOVE. Ol’ lady has another motorist stop… to pull over & help. She said 3 nice things about “ he is such a gentleman” before he even touched his trunk latch. Five minutes later she has a knife wound to the throat, assaulted in ways… ways that cause her great-great grandchildren to have issues with substance abuse. If math were not an issue to most, an economist …of LOVE would tell us that the result of the transfer,and the LOVE that was replaced by fear, has real consequence. Value and deficit. Children’s children…blah blah, nobody gives a shit. I can’t appreciate it truly because its like  hearing that the 8th grade bully from gamble middle is coming to get me, now in 2012.  Listen man, I just got off work. Its in our minds, just a memory from the past, and in the past it stays… But its REAL. Real like our future, real like our kids being our current age, or what their kids will live amidst.Most days find me full of love and empty of fear. Inches from four calibers of pure…..heater. Not because I fear, but because I love to stop for the Ol’ ladies in our world, for ANYONE in need of My LOVE.  I live in LOVE not in fear. I will fill that Ol’ lady’s heart with joy. Just in case others aren’t living right…  empty out my clips, as a man that rides for Tim’s beLOVEd fallen son…Our worst fear. But I will give that portion of LOVE, like any life that relies upon respiration to replenish… rejuvenating my own life as a byproduct.


I love that “I don’t give a fuck “days gone by feeling. LOVE that. I take delight in picturing that middle school bully bringing it over here. I got something for him. Besides, it doesn’t seem real now. I try to picture the pragmatic kid from days gone by, dealing with a world of hurt already, crossing his path again. The fear in the belly spot. Black rag wrapped murder, immature decisions that could find him amiss from the kiss, in epidermal ways, no doubt. Think of him tomorrow & what lies before him. Wondering,  had I dropped that stupid kid long ago, and they had put me away, never to see me again, or hurt me…what would the present day victim or bully had learned from it?  I assume, fat Buddy don’t mess with him anyway, despite the black eyes he dispensed upon innocent & LOVing children, intimidation from a bully or his surviving family… is just fear.  Behaving like complete victims in public, My word…. this cats family is home behind closed doors at night, they think of the mistake he made. One they didn’t bother correcting. Bullying  that kid, A LOVing kid, Lil’ silent one who snuffed out baby boy. How they wish they would have seen it coming.

Fear is winning, and we actually call it smart. When wrong is answered for wrong…its not right. Love your fellow man. Stop living in fear of them. It’s FEAR that causes  bad chicken & bad egg today. It has replaced the LOVE that prevents both…perpetually. Now ask me why I hate pride. Fear & pride are the decimation of our happiness.

We are the LOVE, the body. We are 1LOVE, Or 1FEAR is what I’m offering I guess. One example is within a Catholic mass. It’s truly bringing people together as a body to feed…from the body… to attempt to remind us of that truth. Pride is the instrument of self destruction. Destroying our own beLOVEd  as a bi product.  Fearful of anything that destroys self image. This pride shit matters until when? Do You have faith? If you do, why does the worry & fear really matter enough to hurt so much of ourselves,or who we love? We hate and destroy ourselves because we hate the pimp in charge… cause a nukka failed us and now we can’t get away… or divorce… our damn selves. I personally  do suck at the responsibilities of controlling everything in my life. In my faith I realize with LOVE… “THANK GOD, I DON”T HAVE HIS JOB!!!

Live with pure LOVE & You cannot go wrong!

For those fearful souls that pray on the meek…and do not share my sentiments… I Pack plenty of ammo and a loving prayer for Mama. An innocent perpetuation of her beLOVEd  son. He lived by the same as her worst coming true….FEAR. It enslaves us to much of the nothingness that we encounter in society…
But for realz…I will stop you. If you prevent LOVE in this famished, troubled world, or get in the way of those healing in each day… I promise in every way that you have great cause to live in that FEAR. Indubitably my ninja !1LOVE! ©