I can’t sleep


Perhaps your ways
relax my need
to see the sandman
bring my dreams

I think of you
and I get weak
you cross my mind
and I can’t sleep

I toss and turn
I walk a mile
my eyes they burn
and still I smile
you make me fall
in love so deep
I think of you
and I can’t sleep

some day I know
like fallin’ rain

I’ll drop beside
the love I blame

that’s when I’ll hold
the one I keep
inside my heart
when I can’t sleep ©

Regina Volare’ : (A) lullaby


Lonely someone broken in her
words she speaks a lie
beyond the way reflected moons
find truth inside her eyes
hear my love in sheets
upon the sand a whispered song
I’ll send a secret lullaby
to where my words belong

she draws a silent weakness in
the wisdom where she goes
outside the eyes we find
sometimes true lovers walk alone
like pretty dresses made from lead
her beauty hides beneath the sheets
of paper like this lullaby
to lay my love to sleep ©