Independence Day


A long long time ago
on a July Indiana night
while the guitars played
the children made
the bottle rockets fill the sky

I was old enough to walk alone
between the songs and rows of corn
and make believing we were soldiers
roman candles shined so bright
and I saw the tears in Geno’s eyes

while the superheroes played the music
children loved to light the fuses
sending sparks that left the dark
lit the fires of our eyes
I smelled gun powder and the booze
the spirits Uncle Gino used
as clouds that hid a soldiers truth
of watching some too young to die
forgetting where he was
as bottle rockets filled the sky

My Uncle Gino played songs on his guitar
for all the boys who travelled far
beside him to a place called Hanoi
rockets blasted all around
and in his tunes he always paid
a tribute to the boys that gave
their lives like superheroes walking
home from just another day
where fire left the light of youthful eyes
of superheroes on the ground
like bottle rockets in the sky ©


Epitaphs in motion


There’s nowhere I can run to
and no love outside my door
she vanished like the genie
left these bottles on my floor
a light was shining through her eyes
reflected onto me
but last time I called to my love
no one remembered me
and my heart is filled with cigarettes
her departure birth of sin
cause the day she left my eyes
I watched her fade just like my grin
and nobody understands me
many nights and many songs
in a moments kiss
what felt dismissed
a place where I belong
I’m her epitaph in motion
six feet tall above this ground
I’ll keep driving looking for
the place where I can turn around ©

The fleeting whisper of the woods


I woke up this morning
with thoughts of changing ways

in bitter tongues I spoke the words
I’ve never longed to say

inside the mind that makes it up 
my better angels sleep in bed
awake to speak “another’s gone”
they found my cousin layin’ dead

You know I never saw myself
as anything but livin’
tell the truth without them
life could never be the
I walked on by on nights
that kept me hidden from their sadness
now I’m just
without the ones who share my name

And I’m alone inside my head

just singing songs without a band
I know the kids who crashed and burned
the ones we’ve buried with our hands
I know a special little girl
that should’ve
 brought tomorrows smiles
hurt was lost out in those woods
and I ride dirt for miles and miles ©

A lonesome cowboy down the hall

A horizontal skeleton pondering my strength to run
from those I want
through chosen fronts
I mean to convey
like time snapped it’s fingers
in all of my heart only remnants remain
politeness & pride made different devices
I paid price to keep those I need from deep crisis
In my saddened face
or in a broken heart
alien Nate afar from but bro
just couldn’t relate… devastated
and in it I hated
but sadness in rain dropped sorrow
self told horoscopes in reverse way
its baring down on me in yesterdays tomorrows
I look at gray flecks of hair in a mirror
asking where are my friends?
I cant try to pretend
prophesier of tomorrow
cynical sorrow
whom amiss beginnings writes of ends
I miss my friends
I can’t remember why expendability from former love for me
I became that kind of guy
Unimportant to the importance in my life
Its brought about doubt in my ways
I’m not depressed realizing stress
that I’ve ran from those that I love from afar
without even telling them
I’ve been dying inside
I can’t seem to act out the beginning
of the end of the running and hide
I’m just looking back
When did my shell…harden?
My love is starving and to anyone that see’s this
I’m just sorry and I don’t know how to make it better
I’m not out of my optimistic
just in fractions and prisms
that light can imprison
refract not a memory
a dated decision
a single vision to close my love
To act or subtract all that I lack
engulfed in the flames of my sister burning down
I just can’t find pure peace
alone with grandpa watched final breath
held Lilly an hour no life
not air in her chest in my arms
pal bearer had to almost fall head first
been worse if I dropped her six feet of dirt
they don’t use the thing that lowers caskets
on the angel HE gave me
same dirt on my shirt that covered our baby
see me smile still it hurts
I don’t want pity but what could I do
move away and pretend that I’m happy to throw you away?
I admit, this shit got the best of me
I’m not strong I just cannot find a semblance
or even remembrance of where in the fuck I belong
I’m sorry
all I want is love
I think maybe I’ve become unable to give
what’s been taken
but I used to see eyes
love in those not mistaken ©