I’ll think about you now & then

a dark rainy day

There’s a place forgotten rain remembers falling
beyond a tree line hushing 
whispers in the wind
a seldom breeze defies the time and echo’s yesterday
along with nights a summer rainfall hits the tin
not forgetting as it goes you walked away from here
a troubled wind that changed direction down the bend
I lye awake to watch the rain fall soak the trees
on night’s like these I’ll think about you now and then

We never passed a stormy night by writing letters
and hands of time like yours and mine we never hold
the threads that sew the déjà vu we know together
unstitched by seams of time that leave us growing old
you just can’t wind the hands of time in perfect weather
like on those nights a summer rain fall hits the tin
that’s when I’ll wonder where you went and how you been
on nights like these I’ll think about you now and then ©

10,000 moments of love

You must have held my hand
I was slipping away
I know you have been 
where my body has laid
I remember your visits
the smell of the flowers
as you spoke of our memories
for hours and hours
Sun shining down
the wind in your hair
longing to hold me 
when I wasn’t there
all by yourself
you never lost class
when loves sun was setting
through physical glass
you had to have been there
when I met my son
wiped tears from your eyes
as you held what we won
Remembering splendor 
of honeymoons past
to the doghouse at sixty
when you discovered my stash
I’m living a new life
just borrowing shoes
to walk me back home
for the love I can't lose
I feel like a man 
that's lived 10,000 lives
and each time I'm within one 
I know you’re my wife  ©

She’s some kinda Pony


We rode away at dawn today
I held her mane of amber strands
my fingers gripped like hour glasses
that grasp at grains of sand
and even as I let her go
a sunrise glow had left me blind
to find a reign or lasso
and rope the wind that wasn’t mine

She’s a beautiful mare
she’s some kind of pony
with the wind in her hair
and a back that can hold me
any night she’s not there
another night finds me lonely
living some kind of prayer

but she’s some kind of pony

She’s the best of me
the only part that
isn’t tryin’ to kill me
she’s a gallop in my heart
changing what we never will be
every time it rains
until it dries
she wipes her memory from my eyes
graceful canter in the sand
a love that slipped my gripping hands

She’s a beautiful mare
she’s some kind of pony
with the wind in her hair
and a back that can hold me
running circles out there
starry nights when I’m lonely
I send my love out a prayer
cause she’s some kind of pony ©

I played him “on the road again”

A broken down train
sitting still cross the track
between my home
and the places I’ve been
and my mind rambles back
to a place that it goes
Grandpa played Willie nelson
and we traveled the roads

On the way through Kentucky
he had me listen to Waylon
and Hank Jr. was singin’
about a few rowdy friends
but not a tune I recall
can bring back miles that we ran
half as good as
Ol’ Willie singin
“On the road again”

As we drove up the roads
between words and our home
I rode with grandpa and Jones
and his friends
but nothing brings back the memories
all the hills and the bends
 my hero beside me
singin’ “on the road again”

It’s been so many miles
since I sat next to grandpa
and I watched
the good Lord take his hand
but I’ll never forget the last song with my hero
we could hear Willie Nelson
singin“on the road again” ©

True reaction of love

In a certain space You reside as my love
It's grown to be a hurting place
because not believing in you
it's flirting within lobotomy ciphers
A love inside you
no shit I'd give my life to you
I love you unreplaced
with faces more than one
to hide the gold I hold for you
prevent the sinking sun
although my lips would kiss
the space upon you're face
embrace those eyes
taste thighs that run
no ribbons bows above below
or grace observed upon your toe
through truth not told
and love un bold I fold the bond we make 
Because I love you...

I love inside a heart unfound
reserved by thoughts of love not bound
and I’d guess my love for you
will see enchant-less renditions
that make goodness interpretive
to my empty home
your days gone by decision

how smart you will be
my frozen heart
allows all that I’d do
spectacles seen glistening
from wiping temptation
before degradation of what your loves effect
would’ve made untrue
loves truth can’t all be known
while holding a hand
not walkin’ alone

you cannot understand

the advance on the love
one adhered like glue
the loan for what’s built
to protect a home un whispered of
invested in my chest
in a lonesome space
a place that I grow used to
if I ever look starved
because I wasn’t allowed to feed you
my heart is everything of me
if but a drop in your sea
if mine were amiss
would you notice
and remember me ?

I love you in a way
if something were to happen to YOU...
I could never pretend
would not ever want and sever from my needless heart 
I'd grow old alone next to a photo of you
just stay within view of my home
serving my only fire
tilling its memory
protecting our oil
you make loves garden
because you are my soil
but to not know your kiss
nor mouthing your name
makes like lover made love 
into some kind of game
I would never hope to win
pretend to discover what I've found in you're skin 
but never love another again
Not like I love you. ©