चित्रकारको- The Artist

-Questlove ©2014 Artist : Edward McMillan

-Questlove ©2014
Artist : Edward McMillan

To be an artist. To create an audible or visual mark upon this world that expresses who we are. Art is sacred because it proves the existence of a God given soul. It signifies the dark roads or lost highways we’ve walked. Every voice behind a microphone and each time an artist picks up a brush , the silent hallways and empty canvases come alive with poetry that flows straight from the artist’s soul. It tells us how they feel and who they are. All that is needed is a starting point. With that, they leave their mark on this world forever. Without that starting point, the many songs of yesterday, the Mona Lisa would only exist within the souls of mortal men. Men with names easily forgotten by the hands of time. A man becomes an artist when his soul meets his canvass. Much like art, who we are to this world is a mixture of two components: what we have and what we do with it. 

Dear Jesus,
I ask that you shelter me from blindness
bless me with continual vision
let me know my own reflection
as a work of your art
please guide my actions in a way
that allows me to be your perpetual mark
In me, let the lost find proof of your work

upon this canvass of life
let my intentions paint your glory
guide my voice to a song of love
Lord, bless me with the courage
to be an exhibition of your mastery
for I care not if this world forgets my name
so long as I help them to remember yours.

                       Amen ©                                                



Why me God?


As I closed the door to my hotel room tonight,  I couldn’t help asking the question “why me God?” I was shaking off the bitter cold night from my leather jacket and crawling into a warm bed. I’ve done nothing in my life that justifies my being warm while so many live homeless outside in the cold. Some of them innocent children, without a choice in the matter. What have I done for any one of them? I wear a cross around my neck. My conscience shines a light that brings tears to my eyes tonight. Yet, I know my tears won’t do a damn thing to help. I feel like the many hypocrites out there, calling themselves Christians. The ones who think prayers alone will call Jesus down to perform his work & give warmth to those shivering in the cold. It makes me feel shame because this cross I wear, it’s only a name tag indicating that I do work here. Gods work isn’t done by hands that fold together in prayer alone. Hands must be used to reach out & do the work that needs to be done. Someone’s prayers went unanswered tonight because I didn’t use my hands to carry donations of blankets or clothes to a place where they could find them. No wonder so many lose faith in God. I’d like to find redemption by never forgetting the shame I feel inside my heart tonight.


के म चाहन्छु (I want to)


Wanna live asymmetrical lines
and have kind and beautiful eyes
feel the rain on my head
where my soul could be cleansed
of my sin by His son without dyin’

wanna be luminesce in the dark
purify within music and art  
painting pictures around me
of love that surrounds me
refracting my truth from the

wanna be what a blind man can see
wanna cry from this life that I lead
wanna steal from the worth
of the rich as they work
every downtrodden hand till it bleeds

wanna stop living life like a race
where the win compromises my faith
and the love growing dim
from the hurt and the sin
has control alt delete and erase

wanna sleep in a bed not alone
wanna save all the good that I own
without folded up secrets
in pockets of friends 
wanna reach for the sky til I’m grown ©

Tomorrows child


I’m a man of stone
in a world of bad

tasted smiles so sweet
wasted good I’ve had

Lord I’m feeling old
help me walk the miles

help me pave the road I know
must raise tomorrows child

I was just a boy
learning how to fly

only yesterday
my cowboy ways could never die

now I’m letting go
help me walk the miles

to replace the seeds I’ve sewn
and raise tomorrows child

Lord I’ve thrown the rocks
and I’ve stole the signs

in this great big world
I’ve spent my days just doin’ time

but before I go
help me right the wrong

help me fix the holes I know
I’ve made that don’t belong

It’s a sin upon
such a weary mind

many different roads
I’ve lost my way and left em’ blind

but before I go
let me leave a smile

help me pave the road I know
must save tomorrows child

Lord I know the seeds I’ve sewn
must raise tomorrows child  ©

Lonesome Highway


Something deep inside me
feels that lonesome bitter chill
and I’ll tell you friend
I just ain’t feelin’ right
as those headlights keep a shinin’
this old cowboy keeps on ridin’
down this lost ol’ broken highway
through the night

lonesome highways full of sorrow
desperado full of sin
this ain’t my way but
I know its where I’ve been
will she love me in my sorrow
will I live to see tomorrow

Lord I’m lonely drunk
& broken down again

see my money it’s gone missin’
and my darlin she’s away
singing’ songs I’m feelin’ lonesome
feelin’ dry
getting’ thirsty for that bottle
mixing’ poison with that throttle’s
bound to leave my baby drowned
in tears she cries

lonesome highways full of sorrow
lonely teardrops full of sin
this ain’t my way but
I know its where I’ve been
will I live to see tomorrow

will she love this desperado
Lord I’m lonely drunk
& broken down again

If she see’s me through my sorrow
Lord I know I’ll see tomorrow
but tonight I’m drunk
& broken down again©

Help me to wash my hands


I could travel down
to that old piece of land
out where I find my own
and I can understand
sometimes this crazy world
gets under all I am
that’s when I pray dear Lord
help me to wash my hands

I’m gonna go my baby
before I change my mind
people I know won’t save me
from all the tears I’ve cried
but you should know my baby
I’m gonna find my plan
back where the Lord can save me
I’m gonna wash my hands

so many children cryin’
nobody cares no more
brothers are fussin’ fightin’
somebody else’s war
askin’ the Lord to save me
I know he understands
don’t let this old world change me
help me to wash my hands ©

I’ll be calling her name


I will write my words this morning, kiss the burning flame
walk to where it’s silent, and call my lovers name
no I won’t take one footstep, until that breeze blows high
oh I will be her sunset, and she won’t leave my mind

So if you hear me cryin’ , I’m just calling her name
and if you see me dyin’, I’ll be calling her name
I’ll be calling her name….

I will write my heart out, till it bleeds across this page
oh I’ll keep finding sunset, until she comes along
will she reach the doorstep, like a moth to burning flame
inside the shadows I’ll smile, will she hear me call her name….

So if you come and hear me cryin’, I’ll be calling her name
when my words run like a lost child, I’m just calling her name
will the flame begin to die down, calling her name
I will reach that final sundown calling her name
I’ll be calling her name…. ©

Midnight’s fallin’ on a rose


Hear that freight train whistle blowin’
every night from down the road
moonlight tears are broken hearted
midnight’s fallin’ on a rose

never did forget my darlin’
never will she care to know
winter windows watch her garden
disappear beneath the snow

moonlight tears can see her partin’
midnight trains won’t let her go
lead this lonely broken hearted
memory from in my bones

hear that freight train whistle blowin’
every night from down the road

moonlight tears are broken hearted

midnight’s fallin’ on a rose

when that pain begins to sharpen
Lord my heart it turns to stone
don’t care where that trains a goin’
take me far away from home

hear that freight train whistle blowin’
every night from down the road

moonlight tears are broken hearted

midnight’s fallin’ on a rose ©

You’re the light of my life


Darlin’ you cool my water
honey you warm my wine
you can make me feel rich
when I ain’t got a dime
when the nights catch me fallin’
you’re the light I can find
darlin’ you cool my water
honey you warm my wine

when I’m runnin’ on empty
cross the highways I’ve found
not a thing to hold onto 
not a damn thing around
you’re the light on the highway
you’re the light of my life
darlin’ you cool my cool water
honey you warm my wine

when I’ve lost my mind worried
when I’m gone for awhile
you’re the love I hold onto
you’re the life in my smile
and I couldn’t deserve you
spend my whole life just tryin’
be the light in your garden
til the end of all time

darlin’ you cool my water
honey you warm my wine
you can make me feel rich
when I ain’t got a dime
when the nights catch me fallin’
you’re the light I can find
darlin’ you cool my water
honey you warm my wine ©

My love she waits for me

th (2)

A pain inside this world
where I reside won’t let me be
the grass is high the bee’s are biting
from my head to feet
I go to where my mind unwinds
and hide so I can breathe
I know I’ll be just fine tonight
my love she waits for me

a broken piece of glass beside
the road just cut my toes

a raven circling high swooped by
and pecked holes in my clothes
my guitar strings just broke
and now this super star won’t be
I smile in spite I know tonight
my sweetheart waits for me

you’d think I’d fall apart by now
but still I live the dream
and darlin’ I can’t help but smile
from what she does to me
the days soak through my heart
like sunlight brewing tea
the moon awaits the darkest night
my love she waits for me ©