True reaction of love

In a certain space You reside as my love
It's grown to be a hurting place
because not believing in you
it's flirting within lobotomy ciphers
A love inside you
no shit I'd give my life to you
I love you unreplaced
with faces more than one
to hide the gold I hold for you
prevent the sinking sun
although my lips would kiss
the space upon you're face
embrace those eyes
taste thighs that run
no ribbons bows above below
or grace observed upon your toe
through truth not told
and love un bold I fold the bond we make 
Because I love you...

I love inside a heart unfound
reserved by thoughts of love not bound
and I’d guess my love for you
will see enchant-less renditions
that make goodness interpretive
to my empty home
your days gone by decision

how smart you will be
my frozen heart
allows all that I’d do
spectacles seen glistening
from wiping temptation
before degradation of what your loves effect
would’ve made untrue
loves truth can’t all be known
while holding a hand
not walkin’ alone

you cannot understand

the advance on the love
one adhered like glue
the loan for what’s built
to protect a home un whispered of
invested in my chest
in a lonesome space
a place that I grow used to
if I ever look starved
because I wasn’t allowed to feed you
my heart is everything of me
if but a drop in your sea
if mine were amiss
would you notice
and remember me ?

I love you in a way
if something were to happen to YOU...
I could never pretend
would not ever want and sever from my needless heart 
I'd grow old alone next to a photo of you
just stay within view of my home
serving my only fire
tilling its memory
protecting our oil
you make loves garden
because you are my soil
but to not know your kiss
nor mouthing your name
makes like lover made love 
into some kind of game
I would never hope to win
pretend to discover what I've found in you're skin 
but never love another again
Not like I love you. ©

It is what LOVE does


It is what LOVE does, that in each day upon a sunset…

Did I guide one lost, those burdened?? In my bed? Its answers come to me & I feel it…if someone is hurting… did I forget? Cause its dark outside, did I give light where its needed….hear a grown baby crying… did I show love to feed it? Is light what is given, when its me that don’t see it. Delete someones evil, protecting a child …use the sunshine to beat it, with the light of my smile.  You know our walk in this path can be troubled. Its such struggle to learn within sadness. To study acts of JOHN, do I know what it teaches, do we remember these lessons… while nobody preaches? Everything is, as it was or ever shall be. Wouldn’t it be like JESUS chose them, How about you or me? We look for “they” within today.

Its been joy like sunlight in times that design minds to destroy us. In GOD I trust but thrust into a world called dark… flammable gas from trash that spits tomorrows out like little kids in poverty… it implodes within wisdom ,  ignoble explode in sorrows t.n.t… But, in regards to my life or to my wealth, what I have or what I thought it to be…

I’ve got a joy because my brother walks with me.

I haven’t lost him in a war that cost him not being here. I’ve hurt and helped he is myself because what was to be…The yesterdays presuppositions of tomorrow….I hold less sorrow, I still can see because I’ve got my brother watching out for me. No accident, not paying rent can end the bonds that keep joy from truly absconding me. To a brother that counts tomorrows time like 2013 dimes before they drop, It has to stop .

I cannot explain the worth and gold that can’t unfold because my punk ass brother. Knowing what is to me like undoing destiny… erasing anything good You judge me to be…

It wouldn’t ever of been shit, without a good brother to walk next to me. ©

Sweet diamond goodnight

Sweet diamond delight
my dear oh my mother nature
inquisitive to the sensation of touch
my lips just curl cause I love you so much
Star light overlooks my heart felt thought of you
while we share a moon even in your absence
and hopefully in mine
wishing my moon would pull onto your eyes
locking your embrace inside my love
like waves on the ocean
the undertow of my desire pulling you out to me
Rock with me sweet one my only
like dolphins I feel you
if only you will allow my presence
I will know you
When you find trouble
SOS travels through our sea in an instant
like lightning to a thousand glass ballerinas
shattering my tranquility
filling my heart with discontent
Sing to me my love
swim with me deeply
the undertow never losing effect
my love making you wet
in the ocean it will always be
on the surface it’s still only me
I’m waiting to watch an electrical storm to exhale
 I take deep breaths
waiting for the ballerinas to come undone
and I’m waiting to caresse you
beneath our moon
within our ocean
below our sea
just between you and me
You are very loved ©


Snitches frozen in the street
deceitful deeds getting paid
You defeat the intent
faux earned credentials  we made & gave you
disappointment in a boy
that without evil appointment
transgressed by depression
came a fly in my ointment

Demonstrate  it isn’t fate
but intersections with reason
cold reminder of lessons we find in every eventual treason
the lies dwell
in a cowards hell while being compensated
destiny is far below fate
fake friends like this one here
who came in our homes
soul must be dead from it
you forget in true circles
square snitches don’t fit

Still man to man its never know
until it comes about
to learn Kenny Rodgers brought a six pack
and turned you out

The unethical ventricle injury
made real souls hold sorrow
while holding a friend
a kings heart knows when to hold em
but this one listened to
learn how to fold em’

Makes blood boil from down in my chest
what’s less that you profess to be good people

“Not I”said the new Queen
of shit that hits us all
Inside a clique that had loose ends
but to pretend in you I called a
cant even finish
Know when to walk away
Snitch better run                                                                  


What’s the point of looking
like forest if you’re surrounded
by no one?
you’re just water in booze
to make it look real
fulfilled within Steven
wall street doesn’t show
the diminished return
A fake friend paying taxes
collecting debt
that makes him a stitch
a bridge still to burn
A day unfulfilled

A coward dies a thousand deaths
in my heart you have not a drop
A single breath
If not for my faith
if not integrity
and what its worth
without losing dignity un replaced
I’d make you like sunshine
in the spotless mind of mother earth
like never been born
without a trace

hell hath not fury
greater than a fake buddy’s scorn ©

LOVE vs. fear in reality of this world

The World…
A man trying to help a stranded motorist, a lady. He parks his car, gets the flashlight & tool box from the trunk… closes its lid…and she turns into a set of gun yielding criminals.
Take that call…about your 21 year old son, who lived with the love that YOU “brainwashed” him into applying to life ….being the gentleman he was proud to mimic in his dad… the guilt thinking my son died because he was doing a job, a job that I trained him to do. Forgetting to remind him, theres a lot of fu**ed up people in this world.
A year later we see another man…
He passes by a stranded motorist at night on a dark and desolate road.  He is happy to have the wisdom learned. He is smart enough to pass her by… remembering Tim’s son and the lesson it teaches. We should FEAR this helpless old women. He “coincidentally” gets home faster, saved time & didn’t have to give his effort, or lift a finger… Didn’t have to give… a drop of LOVE. Ol’ lady has another motorist stop… to pull over & help. She said 3 nice things about “ he is such a gentleman” before he even touched his trunk latch. Five minutes later she has a knife wound to the throat, assaulted in ways… ways that cause her great-great grandchildren to have issues with substance abuse. If math were not an issue to most, an economist …of LOVE would tell us that the result of the transfer,and the LOVE that was replaced by fear, has real consequence. Value and deficit. Children’s children…blah blah, nobody gives a shit. I can’t appreciate it truly because its like  hearing that the 8th grade bully from gamble middle is coming to get me, now in 2012.  Listen man, I just got off work. Its in our minds, just a memory from the past, and in the past it stays… But its REAL. Real like our future, real like our kids being our current age, or what their kids will live amidst.Most days find me full of love and empty of fear. Inches from four calibers of pure…..heater. Not because I fear, but because I love to stop for the Ol’ ladies in our world, for ANYONE in need of My LOVE.  I live in LOVE not in fear. I will fill that Ol’ lady’s heart with joy. Just in case others aren’t living right…  empty out my clips, as a man that rides for Tim’s beLOVEd fallen son…Our worst fear. But I will give that portion of LOVE, like any life that relies upon respiration to replenish… rejuvenating my own life as a byproduct.


I love that “I don’t give a fuck “days gone by feeling. LOVE that. I take delight in picturing that middle school bully bringing it over here. I got something for him. Besides, it doesn’t seem real now. I try to picture the pragmatic kid from days gone by, dealing with a world of hurt already, crossing his path again. The fear in the belly spot. Black rag wrapped murder, immature decisions that could find him amiss from the kiss, in epidermal ways, no doubt. Think of him tomorrow & what lies before him. Wondering,  had I dropped that stupid kid long ago, and they had put me away, never to see me again, or hurt me…what would the present day victim or bully had learned from it?  I assume, fat Buddy don’t mess with him anyway, despite the black eyes he dispensed upon innocent & LOVing children, intimidation from a bully or his surviving family… is just fear.  Behaving like complete victims in public, My word…. this cats family is home behind closed doors at night, they think of the mistake he made. One they didn’t bother correcting. Bullying  that kid, A LOVing kid, Lil’ silent one who snuffed out baby boy. How they wish they would have seen it coming.

Fear is winning, and we actually call it smart. When wrong is answered for wrong…its not right. Love your fellow man. Stop living in fear of them. It’s FEAR that causes  bad chicken & bad egg today. It has replaced the LOVE that prevents both…perpetually. Now ask me why I hate pride. Fear & pride are the decimation of our happiness.

We are the LOVE, the body. We are 1LOVE, Or 1FEAR is what I’m offering I guess. One example is within a Catholic mass. It’s truly bringing people together as a body to feed…from the body… to attempt to remind us of that truth. Pride is the instrument of self destruction. Destroying our own beLOVEd  as a bi product.  Fearful of anything that destroys self image. This pride shit matters until when? Do You have faith? If you do, why does the worry & fear really matter enough to hurt so much of ourselves,or who we love? We hate and destroy ourselves because we hate the pimp in charge… cause a nukka failed us and now we can’t get away… or divorce… our damn selves. I personally  do suck at the responsibilities of controlling everything in my life. In my faith I realize with LOVE… “THANK GOD, I DON”T HAVE HIS JOB!!!

Live with pure LOVE & You cannot go wrong!

For those fearful souls that pray on the meek…and do not share my sentiments… I Pack plenty of ammo and a loving prayer for Mama. An innocent perpetuation of her beLOVEd  son. He lived by the same as her worst coming true….FEAR. It enslaves us to much of the nothingness that we encounter in society…
But for realz…I will stop you. If you prevent LOVE in this famished, troubled world, or get in the way of those healing in each day… I promise in every way that you have great cause to live in that FEAR. Indubitably my ninja !1LOVE! ©

Love urself

 When He sings like that, it’s because Bob could BE… he lacked the fear of “appearing to be”… trying to be anyone but you prevents who you are from coming about. Just BE! Maybe you’re the one to cure & protect Women from breast cancer. Become a brother or sister to someone lost without you but instead you follow someone else…only to realize that they are lost & leading you towards failure & complacency. Blind just leading the blind… Amazing so many invest in building someone else’s image. Just BE! Forget needless drama & vanity, judgments or fear. Just feel what it’s like to BE…It’s actually quite perfect. Love she or he … but I will love me, because I don’t control Love… But it damn sure controls me. LOVE Yourself. We have no control over any other Love, but loving yourself is the greatest gift you will ever give to those who are controlled by Loving You. My Love is always. If I love you, it’s because I saw my love in the windows of your eyes & it called to me and invited me home. It’s about pushing buttons sure but Love pushes them… I respond. All we can do is Love self. This frees us from shame, competition… asking “why do others not see greatness…In Me?” Seeing is only possible if something is able to be seen. It’s like Jeopardy on T.V. The answer is first & the question is after. Those Eyes looking into yours are asking YOU: “Who are You, What Do You Feel?” Be yourself. It removes cloudiness from your eye that answers… so they can see the rest of who you truly are. Those clouds hide our true great luminescence. Like a cataract…but in reverse, if ya’ dig. Why would we try to assimilate into any other persons answer to those two questions?

From my heart I don’t want this world to continue bonding into one big confused nothing. Most times we are told who we are or what we should be by people who profit off of our confusion. We buy at Wal-Mart for financial reasons. In China, our products are made by children who get sick & in some cases die from the lack of regulations. In America… we would never allow children to live in this way! Meanwhile…while we save a buck by endorsing these conditions….Our children have unemployed parents who fight over money, sometimes losing the love that no amount of money could replace. The result is that our children suffer an emotional condition similar to the physical version that children have in China! Now that sounds about as far away from true Love as one can get. It has much bearing on why in this country it’s so difficult to have healthcare. A doctor that I’ve known for years (paid him money for years), speaks to me about Christianity & fellowship: how important my faith is, also goes to an impoverished country each year to apply his trade to the poor…for free! Seems nice right? Well, it is but why not for me? They don’t have money for him to profit…so he won’t let that stop him from being Christian. It’s like outsourcing the guilt that we should feel for turning a blind eye to the poor & sick people right outside our door. That guilt that he keeps at bay in America transfers to me, and I somehow feel guilty if I don’t find the cash to protect my health. If you are great enough to apply Christian service to an aspect…apply it to me or it will just unravel the good that you did. I feed people at my job. I cannot give food away for free, but if I see someone starving on the sidewalk…All I have to do is reach for my wallet & they are covered. Charity needs to start a bit closer to home if you ask me. America is suffering from a collective syndrome of the topic at hand. We feed anyone’s children…just not our own. In this competition we wouldn’t want another person to eat…not at the expense of losing a buck. Because the more money that you have, the happier you will be, right? What a game. This is what robs us from the satisfaction that we seek. The pursuit of happiness is relative to what makes you happy. People base success by looking to the left or to the right. We need to change that shit. You are the only person to perfect the beautiful soul that you are. Its EVERYTHING you have. Don’t be distracted and used. We are enigmatic magnets that gravitate naturally to The Love that we all hope to find in another person. You are perfect the way you are & if you live with pure love…Pure love will live with you….. Pure Love is everything. ©