A baby in her blue jeans and a lady in her shoes

Tightrope still 2

She walked the roads like dancers
on the ropes of Mr. Kite
but I can’t hope to see her dancin’ anymore
the sun reveals the living things
not all the reasons why
she didn’t want to keep on dancin’ anymore

I listen to the radio
playing Elton John for me
with his voice I see her
dancing in the sand
she’s talking in her sleep
but every secret that she keeps
won’t put her back inside
the promise of my hand

But I can’t see her anymore
not out there dancing in the street
I see her heart and light inside
the eyes of lonely girls I meet

the voice that’s on the radio
sings a song that helps the bruise
of a baby in her blue jeans
and a lady in her shoes

Cause I can’t hear her anymore
she doesn’t call from down the street
and I’ll never see her dancing on
that rope below her feet
without a chance to feel the sun
she never has to lose
she’s a baby in her blue jeans
and a lady in her shoes ©