Angels falling in the rain


the night is dark and lonely here
she walks away in those pretty shoes
her feet hold up my everything
grace I could never lose…
her eyes before my own reflected
such a day of pretty pain
but the world could end
when I least expect it
if I lost her in the rain

A ship could sink on bars of sand
with halo’s over sea and land
the nightingales don’t understand
and never sing the same…
but she ain’t about fragility
my melodic princess feeds the flame
even angels shining brilliantly
fall down in pouring rain

the couple of years I’ve got her on
don’t make me brighter
right or wrong
she knows the words to every song
I’m playing in my mind…
there’s only one she doesn’t know
my hearts the beat
the words her name
a song to keep my angel safe
from fallin’ in the rain ©



Who’s gonna fill your shoes ? In loving memory of George Jones

I almost stopped my truck today
emotion started showin’
tween mandarin groves 

and country roads that
knew where I was goin’
I drove down to the riverside

just to see the water flowin’
and took a ride to my garden
afraid to find it wasn’t growin’  

The voice that sang those lovin’ songs
that got me on my feet again
helped my heart to carry on
through darker times of lovers sin
the only one who understood
the greatest cure for broken love
in Beulah land he’s singin’ songs
to comfort cowboys up above

Today he shook his daddies hand
and gave a kiss to his dear mother
imagine all the country greats
takin’ stages with each other

a sold out tour for lonely hearts
departed from the one back home
even the
 angels cry bein’ kept apart
from the love they called their own

Every morning with a bamboo cane
a deck of cards and a jug of muscadine
on the bayou watching a 
bobber dance
he’s no longer doin’ time

He taught me how to dream
and stay the way I am
while he got stoned on a women’s love
I tip my hat to the man
smiling down on us
his window up above

Rest in peace Mr. Jones ©