I’ll think about you now & then

a dark rainy day

There’s a place forgotten rain remembers falling
beyond a tree line hushing 
whispers in the wind
a seldom breeze defies the time and echo’s yesterday
along with nights a summer rainfall hits the tin
not forgetting as it goes you walked away from here
a troubled wind that changed direction down the bend
I lye awake to watch the rain fall soak the trees
on night’s like these I’ll think about you now and then

We never passed a stormy night by writing letters
and hands of time like yours and mine we never hold
the threads that sew the déjà vu we know together
unstitched by seams of time that leave us growing old
you just can’t wind the hands of time in perfect weather
like on those nights a summer rain fall hits the tin
that’s when I’ll wonder where you went and how you been
on nights like these I’ll think about you now and then ©