Not good enough


No matter what I do 
or what I say
a part of you
just walks away

no matter how I love
and kiss your feet
it’s not enough
I know defeat

if I would die
to make you smile
it feels like you
are in denial

a thousand tears
could come from me
it wouldn’t change
what you won’t see


If I see you sad and lonely


20150808_185101You’re a perfect 
pretty picture
had it framed
and hung it high
to remind me
I don’t miss you
I don’t need 
your sad goodbye

if I see you
sad and lonely
sparkled moonlight 
in your eyes
dropping tears
could fill the ocean
soaking wet
dressed in white

if I find you
barely eating
broken hearted
starving cries 
I’ll hold the mirror
you can see 
reflective truth
in living lies ©






maybe I skip rocks 
in my mind
maybe when I’m close
but far behind
lookin at your face
like lovers should
maybe I’ll be fine
but I’m no good

          …maybe not

maybe we build bridges
from afar
maybe we’ve forgotten
what we are
maybe we see lines 
on golden sands
maybe we hold love
by different hands

         ….maybe not

maybe we will never
start to cry
maybe we have secret
perfect eyes
maybe we know nothing  
as we should
baby I’ll be fine
but I’m not good

           …maybe not  ©

Rebel angel


Rebel angel fly tonight
on pills & gasoline
lonely motel prisons
roads & bars

taste the lie
believe yourself 
and fly with broken wings 
chase the night
on highways after dark

children pack the empty boxes
mama falls asleep
dogs are barking loud
and daddy’s gone

tears are filling up a child
he never gets to weep
like busted sprinklers
dryin’ up the lawn 

outlaw keep the bible
let it rival all your dreams
love it all your life
and where you roam

tuck it deep inside your heart
don’t cry in faded jeans
don’t die on lonely hiway’s
far from home ©

No eyes to the man


The street lights are shattered
and the lights don’t turn on
and the sun never comes
to the earth at the dawn
where the sisters and brothers
walk along hand in hand
in the dark of the shadows
and no eyes to the man

It’s a place just as empty
of the hate and the scorn
as the Kentucky coal mines
without any plans
you can sing welcome home
to every baby that’s born
with no black and no white
and no blood on their hands

And no daddies or mommies
to give what they got
and all brothers and sisters
can walk hand in hand
without all the colors
that daddy was taught
at the school in the fear
of the Panthers and the Klan

It’s a world where the brothers
help the sisters feel strong 

where the sun never comes
through the windows at dawn

where the street lights are shattered
and the eyes never see
all the kids can hold hands
as they walk down the streets