The Blue Collar Dies


34 years I’ve been walking a dream
down the roads and the highways
all the places I’ve seen
don’t prepare me for nothing
say the robots online
between me and employment
stands a sign of the times

ask me “how am I doing”
and I’ll say “doin’ fine”
without work or a home
you can see that I’m lyin’
just an American worker
trampled on by the plans
of the rich in the times
that make mice out of men

and the rich just get richer
while the blue collar dies
on the streets with a pitcher
beggin’ quarters and dimes
while the pigs have a feast
on the profits and plans
of the hopes and the dreams
of the blue collar man

and you tell me keep lookin’
without using your eyes
see the only things cookin’
more political lies
it’s control alt delete
and the babies are cryin’
with no shoes on our feet
it’s a sign of the times©


4 thoughts on “The Blue Collar Dies

  1. milkyminx says:

    To say “keep looking” is meant to be uplifting. This poem makes me feel how disheartening it may also be. I never looked at it that way before. Thanks, Allegoricaldiamond.//mm

    • God bless you, I held a job for 17 yrs. I’m on application approx. 190 no end in sight. Unemployed since February. Thank you for reading!!

      • milkyminx says:

        I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost a long-held job you would rather have kept. It can difficult to re-establish yourself after such an event. But sometimes when a person cannot find someone else to employ them, it inspires them to make work for themselves. I’m not sure if that is something you have or would consider, but whatever route you take, may bounty be yours, Allegoricaldiamond. In the meantime, I see the ability to write through it and of it as a blessing, and a special tool given you, if you recognize it as such.//mm

      • Like a heartbeat as a sign of life, my words and yours are proof and reason for my life. Thank you for the nourishment milkyminx!

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