No eyes to the man


The street lights are shattered
and the lights don’t turn on
and the sun never comes
to the earth at the dawn
where the sisters and brothers
walk along hand in hand
in the dark of the shadows
and no eyes to the man

It’s a place just as empty
of the hate and the scorn
as the Kentucky coal mines
without any plans
you can sing welcome home
to every baby that’s born
with no black and no white
and no blood on their hands

And no daddies or mommies
to give what they got
and all brothers and sisters
can walk hand in hand
without all the colors
that daddy was taught
at the school in the fear
of the Panthers and the Klan

It’s a world where the brothers
help the sisters feel strong 

where the sun never comes
through the windows at dawn

where the street lights are shattered
and the eyes never see
all the kids can hold hands
as they walk down the streets

4 thoughts on “No eyes to the man

  1. Deborah Wong says:

    It’s a great morning to start and thank you for composing this poem. I always believe in the characteristic of a person, disregard of his/her race. After all, our blood is still red. Why can’t we be good to each other? We only live once. If there’s next life, I don’t think I’ll come back with who I am now. These people really should learn.

    • I agree. Often, it seems to come from loyalty to our fathers and grandfathers. Others who have been injured by this hatred on a personal level fall victim to the notion that one should hurt those who hurt them. Why can’t we just respond to getting hurt by being hurt? Perpetuation of something like this… it robs so many of the beautiful people in this world. In the end…it robs the bigot of his own beauty. satu cinta !

  2. Theresa says:

    One race — human.

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