How does it feel?

th (3)

It’s about 7:30
and the sun ain’t come down
and my clothes are too dirty
to be runnin’ around
heard a song on the radio
with all but my name
bout somebody who’s livin’
his life just the same

Now my tank is on empty
my hearts full of sin
and the rate that they pay
hardly covers my gin
askin’ question’s with answers
you can find in the eyes
of the man in my mirror
that I can’t recognize

And I’m out on my own
with no place to call mine
and directions back home
Lord I can’t seem to find
and that tune playin’ loud
cuts me down to the bone
askin’ “how does it feel
to be completely unknown?”

Cause I hear my old radio
keep playin’ that song
asking “how does it feel
to be scrapin’ along?”
On my own with no face
in this unfriendly scene
like a stone that keeps rollin’
now I know what you mean ©


6 thoughts on “How does it feel?

  1. Deborah Wong says:

    I’m your fan from now on!

    • God bless you, I hope to serve anyone that allows me the privilege to be part of their life. I was listening to Bob Dylan sing “Like a rolling stone” while driving today. I always sing, but I could barely get my voice up. It made me want to cry because I know how it feels. I came home and wrote down these words. Thank you Deborah. None of us are ever on our own, thanks to people like you.

  2. milkyminx says:

    Love the power of music to reach us when we least expect it. :-)//mm

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