It seems like you don’t love me anymore


It seems like you don’t love me anymore
with your words that cut like knives
each time we speak
trapped inside a painted corner
in those eyes I know as former
memories of what your love
has done for me

It makes no difference
if the love you had is gone
sure by now my eyes
tightly I can see
and in my heart I know its wrong
to be somewhere I don’t belong
where I can see
that you don’t love me anymore

I hope some day
the road your headed
takes a turn

but I’ve grown tired of watching
bridges that you burn
and tonight I’m gonna run
cause I can’t take it anymore
and I can see that you
don’t love me anymore ©

6 thoughts on “It seems like you don’t love me anymore

  1. Ar Vhee says:

    Sad yet beautiful.. this gave me a short trip down the memory lane.. nicely written Adam.

    • Thank you AR Vhee. I sometimes lash out when I’m very mad. Have you found yourself doing that? I mean instead of just screaming at someone or crying for it, writing in place of the futility of hurtful reaction… Specifically the instant it happens?

      • Ar Vhee says:

        Yes. I don’t scream nor cry if confronted with strong & overwhelming emotion rather it makes me quiet. And writing, specifically poetry, is my way of venting.

      • God, if not for the endless flirting I know men must rain upon you… “I’d swear you are my twin”, would be more meaningful to say on a public message. But words never change what’s true in this old world of ours. My words are equal to it just the same. Bless you!

  2. Deborah Wong says:

    I’ll be sure to check your site and hope for a new entry each time I log on. It’s a dead poet society if your work can’t gain lots of recognition. A blogger told me language is a communication. Venting is a vitamin to vitalise the entire writing process. I love your work, as always. I’m glad to have come to your site. I believe in fate, do you?

    • I do in many ways… I believe in it’s receiving tribute for greatness. But, I also believe we have a role within it’s result. I suppose it’s an optimistic view but for romantic reasons… I entertain it’s possibility. I don’t believe any one of Gods children is fated to fail. Thank you, I’ll keep up with you as well. God bless you!

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