Somewhere inside her heart


The weather man predicts today
the clouds above are filled with rain
It’s coming down like falling sand but,
still she’s walking in her kingdom…

a castle built by crashing waves
her eyes of diamonds fill the evening
we’re holding hands
and blocking rain drops
she’s like the stars that never
will depart from a troubled sea
and somewhere in her heart
she believes in me

Her broken mirrors of scattered pieces
reflect my only masterpieces 

she holds the only keys to secret
kingdoms that were meant for me
and heavy hearts with heavy burdens
just fall apart like castles
made for her by the sea 

because somewhere inside her heart
she believes in me ©

6 thoughts on “Somewhere inside her heart

  1. Deborah Wong says:

    Deeply moving, enchanting. I longed to have such person in my life. I definately LOVE this one.

    • I’m still awaiting that ship myself… but I take comfort in knowing what she is, even while I’m still waiting to find out who she is. God bless you, from my heart thank you.

      • Deborah Wong says:

        Oh, I thought you’ve already found her. You’re one of the few REAL poets with REAL feelings and stories to confess. I just have to say there’re MANY poets in WordPress that are yet to be discovered.

      • That’s about the coolest thing someone could say to me. In humble gratitude I am so blessed to evoke such a response. I pray someone will say something so amazing as this to you…and that you know the value I hold for such things. God bless you!

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