A broken clocks right twice a day


There she goes just like the wind
God only knows her destiny
she’s gonna meet her right from wrong
anywhere but next to me
disagreements in the words we spoke
bout time there’s nothing left to say
twenty after four & time to smoke
a broken clocks right twice a day

She tells her mama no regrets
and mom don’t ask her why?
she lights another cigarette
and let’s her ashes fly
but, one thing that I won’t forget
the day my baby fled
she checked the time on that old clock
four twenty’s what she read

Now she can chase the Marlboro man
I’ll hold some healing in my hand
my baby doll don’t understand
we make the times and law…
the man is just a battery
that dies with time and many lies
but me, I set my own my dear

4:20 …recognize ©

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