A snowflake staccato

I knew it when I found
before I
 even got her name
she’s the pot of gold
and truth be told,
the prize of playin’ games…
she’s worthy and it’s funny
but before I saw her face…
I knew from fallin’ in the cold
all snowflakes fell the same

I couldn’t even disagree
the lies that I’ve been sold
tonight that story melted
just like ice that wasn’t cold
the first time that I tasted proof
her tender lovin’ came…
a snowflakes made for me and you
the rest are all the same  

some are in the air outside
like angels on the lawn…
sometimes they’re waitin’ down a road
that’s made for slippin’ on…
she turned the rest like water dried
disappearing from the flame…
a million snowflakes in the sky
she’s the one who’s not the same ©

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