I’ll Never Say Goodbye

th (3)

The empty words in silence
say “I love her” like the sun
that sets between the earth
each day in darkness where I run
forgetful adoration
without patience wonders why?
I love her so, but when she goes
it’s hard to say “goodbye”

I’ll watch the golden light upon
the skin I won’t forget
she leaves the air around her
as she packs the clothes that fit
but sometimes when the sun goes down
I bet she wonders why?
someone that says “I love you”
finds it hard to say “goodbye”

“Hello” is like a baby
in a castle made of sand
that knows without a word
the feelings held inside her hand
“Hello” has never left me here
and never made me cry
from love that rips my tender heart
each time I’ve said “goodbye” ©

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