She’s throwing stones


In the southern comfort
found around the summer
you came from down a lonely road
without a name
your eyes they shined a blue
that made me wonder what you knew
about the places
broken hearts go in the rain

But now tonight I’m feelin’ like
that southern comfort
and as your eyes
I’m feelin’ blue
cause I’m alone
what did I do to turn
your precious heart against me?
I wonder why you never shy
from throwin’ stones

Did I leave you
in the clouds of feelin’ lonely?
I never seen us walkin’
down this kinda road
but on the ground
below your feet
I see the gravel…
those kinda rocks
are gonna hurt me
when they’re thrown

Now darlin perfect ain’t the name
my mama gave me
and when you picked me up
you found a rollin’ stone
but if you lose me
in the gravel
don’t forget me…
my heart of glass
don’t stand a chance
with throwin’ stones ©


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