The fleeting whisper of the woods


I woke up this morning
with thoughts of changing ways

in bitter tongues I spoke the words
I’ve never longed to say

inside the mind that makes it up 
my better angels sleep in bed
awake to speak “another’s gone”
they found my cousin layin’ dead

You know I never saw myself
as anything but livin’
tell the truth without them
life could never be the
I walked on by on nights
that kept me hidden from their sadness
now I’m just
without the ones who share my name

And I’m alone inside my head

just singing songs without a band
I know the kids who crashed and burned
the ones we’ve buried with our hands
I know a special little girl
that should’ve
 brought tomorrows smiles
hurt was lost out in those woods
and I ride dirt for miles and miles ©

8 thoughts on “The fleeting whisper of the woods

  1. Balakam says:

    Hey and thank you so much for liking FindStream post about Blake Shelton’s “Boys ‘Round Here”! Much appreciated 🙂
    Also, really dig your lines here.

  2. I appreciate your kindness. God bless you!

  3. tonicscale says:

    Feelin a lil pain and loss here Brother… My heart goes out and my prayers are within… Be at peace friend… Let Go and Let God my Brutha… Peace Out…

  4. God bless you, There truly is no better advice. I thank you friend!

  5. tonicscale says:

    Greetings brother, I’ve nominated you for the one lovely blog award:

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