take the path to success , the separate seeming synonym GOD BLESSED…Turn the panel on the wall…ask another mans trick, how it feels to share skin, holding another mans balls, another mans balls a man thats selling, observations from the backround of factories… watching good money being made…justification that another lesser molester confessed to dress reverse a judgement made, by neglagence of prides advance…what you’re getting paid…Productivity a claim you know…whats givin is living…on another  undone ones dignity…how can I follow the devil slicks, why reverse the livity , progress epitome, why fear what I know ain’t shit to me??

Money makes the man, its so smart you know as truth…understand I saw the funny end, depend on slaves like youth….In my day i’ve known pure gold, the kind you laugh  that slaves still hold….I work for love, I live for peace, a man may not have to quit….what stopped by accepting your unrealized ends??? To make friends that take the gold you give….cause truth in life they fear the answers to bad in which we live…emptiness within a castle…for self gain, an asshole picture in an empty frame, but all alone a fire’s lit, no smell, nor sight…and Still accepted, as a piece of shit. I cry for you, But I also cannot die for you…give my life if i don’t flee…to avoid you dying from illusions of what you need. ©

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