316 Nicodemus Rhythmus

Jesus carried our sins, died for them. He died for loving us…that cross, thats us …..HE was showing us how important love is. so we never die for being his image…for love  he gave us in our hearts….as a Christian, we shall never be a cross to others, because they love us, JESUS did that so we didn’t have to. We must give love, never take….all we could take, is the joy of loving us, from our own love…friends value….validation….money burned, drop the walled off plantations…feed GODs children, holding mama earth down..commercials africa starve…mans inventions put us off phonecalls…u hangup 1st..knowing when to speak, how to know tones etc…so we corrospond…but lose touch. GODS creations force us to share,to love is to be part of something bigger than you, man makes ipods, charging battery…it makes you, a part of them, gps, money, it breaks….GODS doesn’t break, if they could take the sun, take the moon &stars away,only to burn fossil fuel powered shittier renditions…they would…would walk this earth, getting cancer from radiation, that white hummmmmmm noise those stars emit at night…and while counting the gold of an idiot…angry at the world, asking why do I hate everything???? I won’t ever say they did that becAUSE they thought theyre version was better…..im saying….they don’t give a shit…so long as your check clears….lust for gold….addicted to the wrong dough….money is GODS LOVE…thats currency I can take to the bank peep. And I LOVE You ! A

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