A note to my baby

Imprisoned  by some bullshit things,
bread stix & bricks…my cheese and dough,
proclivity to blunt filled green, between manufactured tobacco ,
to lack remembrance of spiritual fracture…physical sweets,
its better to me, than everything
but creating a seed…
feed to this world, the wrong kind of chick..
give all my love, to a bad kinda bitch….
Its a drama for me to see in my homie…babies…
like they hold a soul….in a role that don’t know me
Its only protection pre humanized LOVE
I feel for you deep but
don’t want you imprisoned…
by this nasty dark angel,  or my foolish decision…
But I sometimes go thoughtful to how long I’ve wanted you…
and I regret that I let myself into my cell…
not a key seems to be
no attempting to breach…
solitary confinement that lets me leave this lonely hell…
but know I do miss you…like kisses…like hugs…
Its sad to replace your sweet face…
with dead end signs or bitches on drugs… 1Love! ©

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