my rant from 9/9/09-8:54p.m

my minds eye is crying, i wanted you to know..its the one that pretends to see youre love, the one i never show…to have 3 eyes but only one make up time without rewind..and even though you wrinkle and wither.. the eye within me see’s a most beautiful figure…unlike my two eyes that sometimes un dry alone in  my comes equipped with photo shop ,see’s you proper… so well groomed…ive become eye to eyes tonight, the one that sees it true…and when i start to feel alright is when all three see you….wow Tito papadapolus… living’ in a metropolus get on top of hip hop o top olus and hiphop anonymous and hip hop o pot o mus i just toasted chronic cus!! anyway im cool like the breeze on a cold winters night, illuminated & blessed by his majesty’s light…love… always love in small ways can turn light dark days, kids laughter in hallways.. born blessed…forget lotto power ball.. it would be nice, but id say i won it twice…i am so rich, almost waiting for the other shoe, but i know without riches of numerical meaning, the devils’ details… sometimes prevail, its evil in shit that we do, pray my spot wont demean , pray every day that He protects his children… to protect our babies and their mother, protect  my 1 brother and keep my health , praise his name..I hope for a full life before i get wings, …these rags that im wearing, and constantly tearing will one day be fit for a king….love Adam ©

One thought on “my rant from 9/9/09-8:54p.m

  1. sparklefish says:

    Have you ever considered slam poetry? This would be excellent performance material.

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