cold concreation

————————————-  the ghosts inside my mind  are makin bullets,until the end of ways, my worldly days allow for me to Abscond, escape  trapped  inside a game of money and fate goin crazy.. my own mistake a little peek, incarciration deprivation makes potential  fall weak. when that credential falls short, shackled like an animal…grandma in court,caught between money hungry bunnies… trapped in deciete, can’t repeat prevent myself from gaining wealth is like a gift wrapped in concreate. why cant you see that its just me ur baby brother,  like a bee you shot at me cause were scared of each other..and on my mother, i never meant to cause you worry…concern ur mom bout ur dark days dyin’ in a hurry. Just cant help but watch in pain, as you destroy the potential my boy had to gain..youre full development of life. I know inside, the seed is carried by ur wife. She brings YOU back  life. One must give up the adolecant sin, operate urself with more compassion within. Do the paper walk it good..the seeds you sew will help you grow, introduce the young man memories only know..AsB2k9 ©

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