days gonebye night thoughts10282009 358a.m

Im not special,just from another place,a different time not emmit brown,make like a tree or michael j, im  here and now,  a smile,not un wild dedication to my un borne amends, friends to family good peeps…speak of real love not disingenuous trends..of deceit .heavenly earth fruit,it could not be bought no portion,no loot….I forgot every time was beginning the end, realize my demise could be sinnin with friends…i will not go softly…courageous 12gauges , book of a crook keeps on writing its pages…and sages within me see life how it did me…are pieces of fruit…sustained photographs within mind frames of proof, didnt ask to be borne in a fucked up condition…didnt want my sweet Lo alone in her head, tunnel sight, like the sights on packed heaters grain feeders & lead. Done fed…a demon addiction profiting off affliction,distraction got spread , intersects with a tree that screamed “baby is dead”. To provide my peeps the product i told myself they need…i conciede that my greed,memories of foodstamps and shame…justified in my eyes my dictation of game,so …i forgot the real words,must have 4got 33rd,cause while grinnin im sinnin again…til the day that i noticed my profit and quotas were killing that little boys daddy like poprocks n soda,i was makin what hes takin got him annoyed with the kid,mama’s pride inner joy, help a dad to destroy special things drugs un did…together the wheather is always part cloudy guaranteed to rain baby blue. How can i tell him becoming a becoming a mystery i can’t understand ??? .Is it me that im hurting by killing the between poverty my addicted dad.. umbrella is game… explain why its okay to serve it to pops..end up sad with no father, im scared of the cops… ,got me staring at rear views exception to rule..just a fool with no purpose to do any good,til i woke up from sleeping in sadness…do good in ur service in things that He gave….for what good is a master addicted to slaves???. AsB2k9 ©

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