I used to love a hippopotamus

  • Hippocratic hippopotamus however heavy has holy moly hunger helping hippos help each other.(HHHHHHHHHHEO of amerikkka)

    No doubt riddled Emory riddled exude contempt for evolution..Them cricks & stoned left me alone contention bone I picked confusion. Contused n used ethically bruised refuse to choose of hates solution. Your ill intrusion beseech ed my peace, a titty twist,damn negro peach, release hippopotamus however heavy…dem bitches get hungry… hoe’s need mo spaghetti, she spit confetti I wasn’t ready,stabbed shit made daggers… made love unsteady. A Freddie Flintstone, tu barney rubble, soliloquized…that bitch is trouble. Submit to wit of head to pillow, your souls nutrition… you armadillo .Despite tradition just need to listen, that dirty hippo…She’s hates fruition. I saw her movie, from my position, hypocritical whoreflick…NOT WORTH ADMISSION!!!! beeeeitch!! And I’m spent wit my candy yo’!…(Gwan brush mi teeth) 2k9 ©

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